Liberals, Labor dodge vote on national ICAC: Christine Milne

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The Australian Greens say it’s outrageous that other parties are shielding the federal parliament and public service from corruption investigations, by refusing to vote on the creation of a national version of ICAC.


“I am disgusted that Labor and the Abbott government have joined forces to stand in the way of a national ICAC and I think Australians will be too,” said Greens Leader Christine Milne.

“It is ridiculous to suggest that corruption stops at state borders. Our federal politicians must be subject to the same scrutiny that has exposed so many abuses of public trust in New South Wales.

“How can these politicians pretend there’s no need for an ICAC at the federal level? What have they got to hide? What we saw in the Senate this morning were cynical delay tactics, but they won’t be able to hide forever.

“It’s so clearly obstructionist that the public just won’t stand for it. We must build confidence in our national parliament.

“Only last week it was alleged that an ABS staff member was involved in insider trading, and that’s on top of the RBA bank note scandal.

“If Labor or the Abbott government have suggestions to improve the national anti-corruption legislation then my door is open and the Greens are ready to negotiate. This bill has been before the parliament since last year, but so far we’ve heard nothing.

“The people who elected us deserve to have confidence in our integrity, so the Greens won’t back down on this,” said Senator Milne.

“Are the Liberal and Labor parties so corrupt that they can’t stand the heat of a national ICAC? What other reason can there be for wasting today’s opportunity and denying this kind of oversight?”


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