GYAAN Sydney presented GYAAN 2019

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GOPIO  held GYAAN  (GOPIO Young Achievers Award (GYAAN) award night  to recognise and honour students of Indian origin for their outstanding contribution in attaining a high ATAR score in the Higher School Certificate.

GOPIO Sydney celebrates this night with the students who have made their parents and the community proud. GOPIO Sydney also acknowledges and provides community awards to exceptional organisations and individuals of Indian descent, who have excelled in their areas of expertise and have made a significant contribution to the wider community.

Mrinaank Sinha (99.75% and First in state in Software Design), Dharani Palanisamy (98.45%), Sourish Iyengar (97.25% and state level hockey awardee), Jishnu Thangallu (97.25%) and Rukhaiya Rangwala (First in Business Studies, all round academic excellence and exceptional community service in Domestic Violence) received the GOPIO GYAAN  2019 awards.

Whereas the outstanding community awardees were Harman Foundation, Young Sikh Professional Network (YSPN), EKAL Vidyalaya and Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan.

The Chief Guest for GYAAN was Matt Kean, the Minister for Innovation and Better regulation and guests of honour included Michelle Rowland, the Shadow Minister for communications and Member for Greenway, Professor of Material Science Veena Sahajwalla from the University of NSW, Jag Lodia GOPIO International Oceania Coordinator, Dr Geoff Lee and Kevin Connelly, parliamentary members for Parramatta and Riverstone and David Clarke MLC.

GOPIO Sydney thanked the presenter Ninder Sidhu, CEO of Vantage Luxe Homes and sponsors including Vision Unlimited Fund, Kaur Kollection, the team of Waratah Real estate, Kumar’s Group and Sukha Singh from Godfather and Billu’s Restaurant and Catering for the finest food in Sydney.

GOPIO Sydney also acknowledged the contributions of the media and radio partners to make GYAAN a success.

The President of GOPIO Sydney, Jag Dhaliwal, is passionate about charitable giving. Supporting charities is at the heart of whe believes in and what he wants GOPIO Sydney to stand for.

“Charity is very important to a healthy society and he is committed to inspire the community to give to charity and motivate them to organise fundraisers, increase awareness of domestic violence and spend time volunteering to assist in the care of our seniors or underprivileged youth,” said Jag Dhaliwal.

Jag Dhaliwal also thanked his team Amarjit Dhot, Piyush Attri, Srini Gokul, Meena Jamwal, Deepa Adhav and Shobha Ingleshwar for their substantial contribution in making GOPIO Sydney GYAAN an enormous success.

GOPIO Sydney  has also raised essential funds and support charities working for the members of the community in distress.

In 2019, GOPIO Sydney has donated substantial funds to Harman Foundation, the Kerala Flood Relief Fund and Kids with Cancer Foundation.



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