Government focusing on reducing violence against women and children

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Reducing violence against women and children is everyone’s responsibility, and a crime that must be stopped.


To push this message, the Commonwealth Government (with support from State and Territory governments) is committing more than $100 million over the next 4 years to the Second Action Plan (SAP) to combat domestic violence.

Minister for Women Pru Goward said the NSW Government was looking forward to working with the Commonwealth on the plan.

“Together, we are well on the path to a national coordinated approach focused on making a significant reduction in violence against women and their families,” Ms Goward said.

The SAP is part of a broader national 12 year plan that focuses on:

  • Stopping domestic, family and sexual violence before it happens.
  • Supporting women who have experienced violence.
  • Preventing men from committing violence.
  • Learning more about what works in reducing domestic violence.
  • Stopping female genital mutilation and underage forced marriage.

The Commonwealth Government has committed around $200 million to the broader national plan between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2017.

Since it takes time to make change, there are 4 parts to the broader plan. Each of the 4 Action Plans build on each other over 12 years.

The second stage of the plan focuses on 5 priorities

  • Driving the community to prevent violence.
  • Understanding diverse experiences of violence.
  • Supporting innovative services and integrated systems.
  • Improving perpetrator interventions.
  • Continuing to build the evidence base.


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