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Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu is in Sydney for his upcoming event, Punjabi Fusion, on 4th March at Blacktown Leisure Centre.


In a chat with Public Telegraph, Garry talks about his life, music, his clothing line and much more ..

Garry Sandhu has made a name for himself as a popular Punjabi musician in a short span of time. He now has a multitude of fans worldwide since his amazing climb to fame in 2010. He is presently in Sydney for the event, Punjabi Fusion, so we took the opportunity to catch up with him and chat about his journey thus far.

Besides being a singer, he is an actor, lyricist and a musician as well. Despite going through many ups and downs in life, Garry says he emerged successful and credits his success to the tough times in his life.

Recounting the trying days, he says, “I went to England with dreams of becoming a singer and, no doubt, was able to fulfil them to some extent. But sometimes life takes unwanted turns. Initially, I worked in construction and even worked at a shop. The first few years were full of struggle and I had a lot of debt to pay off. As I got a bit stable, I came out with a song, ‘Mein Nahi Peenda’ (Album Fresh), which was well received.”

But that spell didn’t last long as he was deported from the country.

Going down the memory lane, his eyes slight shut, as if recollecting the severity of the struggling days, Garry continued, “After releasing some seven songs, I had to leave the country and I came back to India in 2012 with minimal savings.”

Deportation, no source of income and no money, his life seemed to have come to a standstill. He continues, “It was at that time that I touched base with myself and it made me think of about myself. And my parents’ faith paid off, and I was able to pull myself together.”

Garry started a music record company named ‘Fresh Music Records’ and even a clothing line named ‘Fresh’. The word ‘Fresh’ has a lot of significance in Garry’s life and he has a specific reason for that.

“When I went to England, I noticed that locals used to call the new comers ‘Freshy’. I decided to name my ventures after that,” he says.

After coming back to India, Garry’s first song, Ek Tera Sahara, which came out in 2013 was much appreciated by the people. The song was based on Garry’s life, right from his deportation days, his struggle with settling down again and his fight with depression.

“My friends are my biggest strength. After coming back, they stood by me through thick and thin.”

About how he came to get into fashion, Garry says, “After releasing a few successful songs, people started approaching us, but we had no office and were facing difficulties. I was not in a position to hire an office just for music, so I thought of starting a clothing store as a side business. So we hired a small shop near my village and that is how we started our first store. To my surprise, it got amazing response. Almost everything got sold out the same day.”

His own look from his music videos has popularised the Kurta Pyjama among Punjabis living world-wide. He has grown not just as a singer but as a fashion icon as well, which inspired Garry to try his hand at designing.

“As the business expanded we started our own production house. Since we don’t get music assignments every day, I use my free time to design. We are now supplying clothes to 20 more outlets.”

For the coming days, Garry says he has finished penning a few songs that, after finishing his tour, he would release in a new album.“I had already written a few songs while on my trip to Canada, and hopefully, when I will finish my Australia tour, I would finish a few more. I love to write about real life happenings and these tours have given me many ideas.”

Garry says he loves writing and singing equally and can’t pick one over the other. “ I love being on stage, performing live and writing equally, so I wouldn’t be able to make a choice here.”

About his playback singing, Garry says, “I get many offers, but I can’t work under pressure and that is the reason I am not much into playback singing, single songs and albums are the best for me.”

Garry adds that artists are looked at as a package these days and says there is no harm in looking good.

“Personality and right attitude speak volumes on stage. These are the two things that make a huge difference as you can’t fake them,” adds Gary.

On a parting note, he sends a message for his fans, “Consistent efforts and good deeds always pay you, so be good and work hard. Success will be yours.”

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