‘Week 5 of Short+Sweet attributed to interstate and regional artists’

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The annual festival of 10-minute plays is on and every week has something new for its audience. This week’s line-up features a number of visiting interstate and regional artists.

The play, ‘Between Water and Air’ is presented by Melbourne theatre company Dramatic Pause and imagines a philosophical discussion between a goldfish and a parrot. Written by Hayley Lawson-Smith and directed by Alanah Guiry, it stars Benjamin Timms and Eben Rojiter.

The play, ‘Is it Because I’m Indian? ‘is written, directed and performed by Melbourne artist Rajendra  Moodley. A cheeky comedy about his own life as actor and writer it poses the question: Is Australia racist? A one-man show with just a chair, many costume changes… and a Bollywood dance!

Last Drinks by Greg Gould is a dark comedy about love, loss and living in the moment that starts when a bride walks into a bar.

Kinked is the winning play from Short+Sweet Riverina. Written by Cootamundra’s Julie Smith, it tells of a sex worker trying to pick up a reluctant businessman as he makes his way home on a Saturday night. Why is she so persistent? The truth comes out in 10 hilarious minutes.

Craig Delahoy’s The Loop is about history repeating itself. A young couple in love falls pregnant and everything changes.

Thatcher vs God is a cutting comedy by Genevieve Mortiss who, after the sudden death of her mother last year, contemplated the afterlife and how each of us might be met by our maker. This is the 4th Short+Sweet play directed by Debbie Smith – presented by F.A.T. Productions – and stars seasoned actors Sandra Bass (Margaret Thatcher) and James Belfrage (God).

In the Wildcard program, Oh! India by Dubbo writer Cindy Neilson. It provides an outline of a young Aussie woman touring India who hires a charismatic tuktuk driver in Delhi to take her to her destination. The journey ends up far richer and more relevant than her intended destination.  The play is directed by Shourya Nidhi and co-directed  by Aishveryaa Nidhi.

Re-run Rehab opens with a struggling screenwriter visited by her favourite childhood TV characters who promptly take over her living room and demand that she should act as counsellor for their weekly rehab meeting.

Cass Beasley directs her own play which stars Keira Bird, Tamsin Rennie, Rob Johnson, Rhianne Evelyn-Ross and the writer herself.

The Violin Player by Rosa Christian is a story about love, betrayal, revenge and honour. Pietro, who thought his mother was dead, visits his estranged father who has a new family…

Plane Crazy is the first play by published novelist Kathy Petrakis and is directed by Holly Butler and stars Rachael Carlsen, Kylie Swain, Richard Littlehales, Andrew Paul Barbary, Wayne Mitchell, Pau Hlailes and Michael Smith.6 people on a crazy flight from Sydney to LA aboard Flight 666 – laughs aplenty.

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