Website launched to encourage multicultural communities to send Abbott a message

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Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Michelle Rowland and Shadow Minister for Finance, Tony Burke have launched a website allowing the community to send Tony Abbott a message to reverse his cuts to multicultural organisations.

The website – – calls on the Abbott Government to reverse its $11.5 million cut from the Building Multicultural Communities Program which has left communities around the country in funding limbo.

“Abbott Government’s decision to cut $11.5 million from the program was a disgrace and would have an adverse impact on the community,” said Michelle Rowland.

“Tony Abbott has cruelly cut grants to organisations that work to maintain cohesive and socially inclusive neighborhoods across the country,” she added.

“The best way that governments can help build inclusive, harmonious communities is from the bottom up, by supporting grassroots programs like this.”

Burke also  encouraged  the  multicultural communities right around Australia to share this website and help pressure Tony Abbott to reverse his cruel cuts to multicultural organisations.

“These are organisations are backed up by volunteers who help people every day when government services fall short, “Burke said.

“Community organisations form the heart of our towns and cities and bring people together to share in and celebrate our cultural heritage”, he added.

“We call on the Abbott Government to release the funds that have been approved to organisations around Australia to let them continue doing the great work they do in our community,” said Burke.



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