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Two shows old, Neerav Rastogi has become adept at tantalizing Sydneysiders with his completely remarkable shows. If his debut show with playback/ rock singer Neeraj Shridhar, announced his arrival, his second show Bollywood Vibration 2014 consolidated his reputation as a major new showman in the Sydney show arena. Neerav was not alone in his endeavour to bring these brilliant shows to Australia.

He as a national promoter collaborated with yet another gentleman Anesh Mishra, who delighted the crowds in Brisbane and Melbourne by brilliantly presenting the show.

Bollywood Vibrations extravaganza had already created a huge buzz prior to its happening. One look at the pouring audience at the starry ‘Meet and Greet’ event hosted by ‘Maharaja’s Haveli’ restaurant was enough indication to the show’s anticipated success. Bollywood Vibrations 2014 was a series of shows hosted in Sydney Town Hall on 08/08/14, Brisbane on 09/08/14 and Melbourne 10/08/14.

It was an outrageously spectacular tour which brought together a roster of films stars like energetic and vibrant Govinda, flamboyant and talented ‘Krushna Abhishek and a person with the most outstanding and zany humour Sudesh Lehrito satisfy the appetite of the star hungry audience in Australia. The awesome trio were accompanied by cinestars like Aditi Sharma (Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl fame) and the handsome Sarwar Ahuja. The show was brilliantly anchored by the very talented and popular Lucky String.

It was a riot of colours and expressions, which held the viewers in a vice-like grip until the very last act started to unfold. Govinda played his signature persona; vivacious, flashy and exuberant, who eased his way into people’s hearts.

The dry wit and smart dialogues by comedy circus fame duo Krushna and Sudesh had the viewers in splits of laughter. Sudesh Lehri was undoubtedly the audience favourite who had an unprecedented stage presence and the quintessential humour he promises. Krushna ruled the hearts of the females with his charming good looks and witty comebacks.

Aditi Sharma with her romantic pair Sarwar Ahuja was a sweet treat. Along with these stunning performances there were several colourful subsidiary local artists which kept the rhythm of the night alive. By far the best thing about Bollywood Vibrations 2014 was the dazzling dances by Nep-Indo Fusion Group.

The dancers of this group worked tirelessly along with their lead choreographer Usha Bariya Pokhriyal to give top notch performances in all three shows. Famous Bollywood choreographer ‘Ganesh Howarikar’ flew down from Mumbai few days ahead of the show to ensure that the dances were packed with optimum grace, chic and right amount of Bollywood latka jhatkaas. Another local artist Jasmine Gill impressed the audience through her soulful renditions.

Organisations like “Youth for Change” in Sydney, ‘Glamour Events’ in Brisbane and ‘Baba Home Entertainments’ in Melbourne along with ‘IT Intelligence’ were some of the pillars behind the show.

Now those looking for blemishes might have few things to say against the shows. First criticism can be that Govinda gave very little stage time in the Sydney show but hey c’mon, don’t emphasise ‘quantity over quality.’ Evaluate how strongly he delivered every time he came on stage. The other argument could be that watching Krushna and Sudesh was often like watching funny YouTube videos of comedy circus.

My argument against it would be that studies have been conducted and a recent one in the August issue of the ‘Journal of Consumer Research’ suggests that people use familiar entertainment to measure how their lives have changed in positive ways. I quote from an article by SS Gold in the Scientific American Magazine – “the brain knows the exact kind of reward and it will receive in the end whether it is the laughter, excitement or relaxation.”

Now how many of you have watched ‘Sholay’, ‘Guide’ or ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ for the umpteenth time and still haven’t grown out of it? For me Krushna and Sudesh performing live on some of the repetitive gags was just the same.  And then some nit pickers who may say that he was only here to promote his forthcoming film “Abhinay Chakra”.

Be realistic guys if you’re excited about something you’re going to do, wouldn’t you like to share it with all your loved ones? On a lighter note though, all I can tell the fans who didn’t get enough of Govinda that his powerful and starry wife ‘Sunita’ on this trip has tied a rakhi on Anesh Mishra – making him her rakhi brother. So now that Sydney has become Govinda’s ‘sasural’, we can definitely expect him to spend some more time here in the near future.

In a nutshell, a combination of both delights and disappointments, Bollywood Vibrations left some strong footprints in the entertainment business. I believe that things can only get better form here on. With the fresh faces like Neerav Rastogi and Anesh Mishra in the field of event organisation, a promise shall be fulfilled for those seeking entertainment in Australia which is definitely off the beaten path.

Photo courtesy : EventsOz Professional Services

Photo courtesy : EventsOz Professional Services

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