Sufi Maestro- ‘Sartaaj’ all set to rock Sydney on August 9

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After a handful of successful events, SEEG is all set to hit the records again with its latest event’ Rangrez’ – presenting Satinder Sartaaj scheduled to be held at Whitlam Leisure Centre, Liverpool, Sydney on August 9, 2014.

Sartaaj is no new to Sydney and same holds true for the Sydney siders who are always ready to shower their immense love to one of the best Sufi singers of the young generations.

From his singing style, his outlook or his compositions, it won’t be wrong to say that there is some uniqueness in this singer.

For Satinder Sartaaj, Sufi music is a great art and is an invaluable gift of the Almighty, the depth of which cannot be understood.

As a child he developed a taste for the pristine Punjabi folklore and the sufiana qalaams and a strong yearning to learn and imbibe the rich mysticism of sufiana music dominated his educational career.

Listening to his inner soul Satinder concentrated on his sufi musical career and did his M.phill in Sufi Gayan followed by PhD in Sufi Gayan.   To understand the divine glow of   great Sufi poets, Satinder did a diploma in Persian language with a distinction.

Simply dressed in a black coat and a light saffron turban, as he entered the conference hall at the ‘Himalaya Restaurant’ Granville, all stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Though the conference started late, but as the conference started Sartaaj took a lead by impressively answering all the queries.

Speaking about his compositions, Sartaaj said, “My compositions are always inspired from my surroundings and my personal experiences. When I came to Australia for the first time, I composed a song … Aukhe Sokhe Hoke Jado Pejaya Se Maa Paya Ne .. Supne  oh Pure Dase Hoye Ke Nahi .. Twade Baupi Ji Vi Puchde se ….  In a similar manner my song,  Jad Zikar Tera hove … is inspired by nature. I have spent a lot of time in villages, so one  can easily find nature in my writings”.

“I love simplicity and I always try to keep my poetry simple and explicable. I always try to keep my compositions simple so that common man can also hum along with it.  For me reading inspires writing and makes your compositions flow. It is not that you should use tough vocabulary but I prefer to use many uncommon and infrequent Punjabi words in my verses as an effort to preserve the Punjabi language”, said Sartaaj.

Satider writes his own verses and believes that when a singer writes his own verses he can do justice to it and can sing it more effectively.

He has some good offers from Bollywood, but he is waiting for the right time to come. He wishes to sing his own compositions in Bollywood sometime in future.

About his look, Satinder said, “My look is inspired by Baba Bule Shah. In 2005, I was getting ready for a shoot and unthoughtful of what I am upto I got dressed up like this, the look was appreciated by everyone and later that look became my identity. I love to keep my hair open like the greatest Sufi master of all times.”

Adding another feather to his cap, this young Sufi Singer is all set for his Hollywood debut. He has recently been approached by Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ production to act in a film based on the life of Black Prince of Perthshire, Duleep Singh. He will be playing the character of Duleep Singh, son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the movie and will be leaving for shooting in September.

Enthusiastic about his new venture Sartaaj said, “I am excited and at the same time badly nervous.  In Hollywood movies, acting is very natural and for a person like me it is very difficult to act. But after the offer I did a 15 days acting training course in Mumbai and to catch up with the British accent  I will also be doing a short training course in UK before the start of shooting”.



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