Sub-continent community celebrates Holi with federal ministers in Sydney

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A full house ticketed dinner was held on March 23 to celebrate the Indian festival of Holi with Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs – Craig Laundy MP and Assistant Minister to the Treasurer Alex Hawke, MP at Concord Function Centre.

Craig Laundy MP said, “Holi is one of the most vibrant, colourful and energetic cultural events in the world. It is important to continue celebrations like Holi that reinforce fun, laughter and communal engagement and it’s strong signal to us and the world of our commitment to continuing as a successfully  culturally diverse nation. Cultural diversity has a positive impact on Australia’s prosperity.”

“I thank Pallavi for her suggestion that this dinner be held and her efforts in organizing this event in such a short time.”

Alex Hawke MP, former Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of India, also praised Pallavi’s efforts and political acumen, and said, “ Particularly in light of what happened in Brussels recently, it’s important to function as a harmonious multicultural country.”

Pallavi thanked the Federal Ministers and appreciated the role of volunteers and members of the Reid FEC in assisting with the event. She acknowledged the attendees and highlighted the important role of the Indian subcontinent media, especially in keeping us up-to-date with current affairs and community issues.

“This dinner is an important way to recognize the positive contribution that the Indian community makes to Australia in numerous fields,” added Pallavi.

“ Colours were applied on Craig Laundy MP, Suzie Laundy and Alex Hawke MP along with others.”

Welcoming the attendees Pallavi said, “The opportunity to participate in festivals of different Australians from different cultural backgrounds is a great part of multicultural Australia. As Prime Minister Turnbull said recently, Diversity is Australia’s greatest strength.”

Pallavi explained the symbolism of colours and said, “Holi signifies things such as the  beginning of Spring, good prevailing over evil, and also commemorates the divine love between divine Lord Krishna and Radha which is playfully expressed by people throwing coloured dye on each other, with everyone being allowed to participate, irrespective of age, gender and socio-economic status.”

The function was attended by numerous business and community leaders and people from many different cultural backgrounds.

There was colourful Bollywood dancing by Monsuun Group and entertaining singing performance by Keadrnath Pagdinnamath and  Shobha Ingleshwar. This was enjoyed by the packed hall of attendees and people danced to the songs, including Suzie Laundy.

The Indian subcontinent community is pleased that one of their important festivals was recognized in this special way and they could celebrate it with Federal Ministers.

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