Strict new procedures for Victorian flight

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A strict permit system will be in place for all flights arriving in NSW from Victoria, with all passengers undergoing police and health checks on arrival. 

The new health measures in place for all Victorian flights will help stop the spread of COVID-19 in NSW. Anyone flying into the state from Victoria must be an NSW resident or have a valid permit.

People who can apply for a permit include:

  • defence officials
  • doctors and nurses
  • critical workers in energy, mining and construction
  • child protection workers
  • disability workers.

Anyone without a permit will be referred to the NSW Police and taken to special accommodation to complete 14 days of quarantine.

Any NSW residents returning home must follow new instructions for travelling home to self-isolate.

The new instructions include:

  • avoid using public transport to get home from the airport. Get collected by family or friends in a private car
  • sit in the back seat of the car with the windows down. Do not use air conditioning in recirculation mode
  • wear face masks and observe hand hygiene recommendations.

NSW Health is recording the contact details of anyone entering NSW from Victoria. The NSW Police will also be conducting regular compliance checks for anyone required to self-isolate.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said NSW is constantly reviewing the situation in Victoria and will adjust the health orders as necessary to protect the state.

“There are only limited reasons anyone from Victoria should be entering NSW and people have been turned back despite being allowed on the plane in Melbourne,” Hazzard said.

For more information on self-isolation and permits, visit border restrictions.

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