‘Soulful singing’ : Suhas Mahajan

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With a voice as unique as his name, Suhas Mahajan  is a much sought after performer in Sydney circle.  It is his love for music that kept him intact with singing and persuaded him to sing while working as a financial advisor in his career.

Suhas is a financial advisor by profession but he has a strong passion for music.  Blessed with a versatile voice, Suhas has been singing professionally for over 15 years and is popular among the Sydney circles as a singer with a soft  and silky voice. He is much sought after person at musical performances with his rendition of  Hemant Kumar and Mohammad Rafi songs.

For Suhas, there is no particular favourite singer He likes all the singers as  he says that every individual  voice is unique in itself .

“Any song or singer who reaches the soul is my favourite, it can be Lata Ji , Asha ji or any other singer in the industry. If a song moves you , it means that song has touched your soul  and  who so ever has the voice quality that reaches  the soul of the audience is a true artist”, says Suhas.

As far as his rendition of Hemant Kumar and Mohammad Rafi  Suhas says, “ I am flattered that people match  my voice up to  the best singers in industry , but honestly speaking every person is  blessed with an individual voice . I don’t like to mimic any singer , even when I sing Rafi ji’s songs I have no desire to sound like him. I want the audience to hear the voice of my soul”.

Suhas is very proactive as a singer and has organised many  musical shows in Sydney . The basic motive of his musical shows is to collect money for charity for Investment In Man (IIM) Trust (http://www.iimtrust.org/)

Speaking about his shows, Suhas says , “If I can touch the soul of my audience , I am on the right track. My shows involve a lot of audience interaction, acting, dancing and visuals. I always want to engage the audience to the fullest. The main aim of my shows is ‘entertainment’ and give the audience full value”.

“Majority of my shows are for charity, where the actors, singers and volunteers do not charge,” he adds.

About his upcoming event , Suhas said, “ With Abhinay School of Performing Arts Inc. we are organising  a music evening , ‘Old & Gold with New & Bold’ on November 16 at Castle Grande . It will be a complete entertainment package.   There will be a musical tribute for Johnny Walker in the form of a musical act on his songs  besides other  musical acts and performances . Again the show will focus on total entertainment o a charity in India. So come and enjoy the musical evening with your family and friends”.

“I am very sure, audience will have a great time as we have lined up a complete entertainment package with some very interesting songs, dances and even a comedy skit​ along with full treat  to  your palate with mouth watering food”.

‘Old & Gold with New & Bold’

‘Old & Gold with New & Bold’

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