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From a casual singer to a professional recording artiste, Sharry Mann has scaled heights that not many can boast of in a rather short span. Public Telegraph spoke to him about his journey, his success and much more, on his recent trip to Sydney.


His entry to the Punjabi music industry might have been unconventional but that hasn’t stopped singer Sharry Mann from reaching its pinnacle. It was evident why after his recent performance at the ‘MelaVaisakhi Da’ that was organised by RB International on  March 28,  2015. The melodious singer rocked  at Blacktown Show Ground and left the Sydney crowd spellbound.

Mela Vaisakhi Da

Mela Vaisakhi Da

Public Telegraph got a chance to catch up with Mann to know about the twists and turns in his life that made him turn his hobby into his career.

The 32-year-old crooner, we learn, started off as a civil engineer but says that music was something he was always passionate about and knew he wanted to be a singer someday.

“Music came to me naturally. I was always keen on taking it up as my profession, but my family wanted me to study. So, I completed my degree and started working as a civil engineer,” he says.

Music, however, remained an inseparable part of his life. The ‘Yaar Anmulle’ singer further reminisces, “I always sang in my free time. During my college days I used to sing for my friends, who always appreciated and encouraged me to take singing as a profession.”

One of his friend , in fact, uploaded a recording of his performance on video-sharing website YouTube. His track ‘Kudiyan Te Busaan’ attracted a lot of attention.

“The response to that performance was overwhelming and that encouraged me further to take up music as a career,” says Mann.

Back then, Mann broke all the previous records by an unsigned Punjabi singer on the Internet. As he started getting recognition, Mann took the opportunities of the Internet and YouTube to new heights in 2010.He eventually entered stardom when he released his first single, ‘Yaar Anmulle’ (2011). The success of this earned him a record deal.

His musical journey might have started with a display of raw talent on the web, but he says he’s been interested in the workings of a professional studio since he was a child. Mann highlights one incident, “One of my neighbors used to work in a music studio. One day he stopped by my house to pick some fresh mint from our small kitchen garden, and, out of curiosity, I asked him if he would take me to the music studio someday. He told me that I need a nice pair of black shoes if I were to visit the studio. At that time I only had two pairs of school shoes, one black and the other white. I asked my parents to get me a new pair but they refused.”

He adds, “It was only later in life I came to know that you can’t wear shoes in a recording studio. My neighbour was just brushing me off so he wouldn’t have to take me along.”

But, as they say, ‘It has to happen when it has to happen’. Not only did Mann get to visit a studio, he also got the chance to record some chart-busters in it! And as we nudge him to reveal more about his music, he says his tastes are different when it comes to composition of songs.

“Every singer has his/her own thoughts, and I try to transform my thoughts into lyrics. Most of my songs are focused on villagers, and rural life, and have meaningful lyrics. The love and affection that the residents of rural areas shower are selfless. I try and touch upon their various issues through my songs. Such compositions give me immense satisfaction,” he reveals.

As a perk to his musical success, in 2013, Mann got a chance to act in films like ‘Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya’ and ‘Ishq Garaari’.

Giving us his take on acting, he says, “I got into music by choice and got into acting by chance.”

On a parting note, he clarifies for his fans that despite being busy with films, he wouldn’t stop making music.

Mela Vaisakhi Da

Mela Vaisakhi Da

Mela Vaisakhi Da

Mela Vaisakhi Da

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