Short+Sweet week 6 focussed on ‘staid and severe’ issues

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As the Short +Sweet festival continues to its week 6, theatre lovers have a chance to watch some serious plays with intense story line.  Many severe issues will be highlighted this week ranging from a murder mystery to men on weekend detention.

Week 6 features a diabolical puzzle, a Muslim woman at a Nazi job interview, a murder mystery, an immigrant discovering strange Aussie customs, the revenge of an ageing actor, cancer, winning Lotto, men on weekend detention, a man seeking forgiveness from an ex-fiancé – and a physical theatre piece about naming a newborn. Plus a gorgeous 5yo child star!


Meet Jim who loves number puzzles. But can someone really be put in a box? Alison Albany directs Daniel Poole, Bryce Halliday and Arkia Ashraf in James Hazelden’s award-winning play Diabolical’ from Melbourne’s festival.

‘The Job Hunter’ written and directed by award-winning screenwriter Ridwan Hassim, offers a Muslim woman’s interview at a Nazi job agency. Black comedy with a sharp point starring teen actors Barry Walsh and Emily Ward.

A dead body washes up on a beach and two cops must work out what happened in Good Cop, Mad Cop written and directed by Paulene Turner.

‘You Gotta Go’, written and directed by Carol Dance – 8 time Short+Sweet veteran – presents one immigrant trying to help a newer arrival to cope with a strange Aussie custom.

In the Wildcards, veteran actor Martin Portus stars as an ageing actor hell-bent on revenge for years of rejection. Agnes Baginska directs Matthew O’Sullivan’s play ‘Walking Shadow’.

‘Jim’ by Richard Graham is a powerful story of cancer, love and two ordinary people. Sahn Millington directs Peter Morris and AlizonVosburgh – who herself has lost both her father and partner to the disease.

‘In What’s in a Name?’ Abi and Paul are rhythmically trying to decide the name of their newborn child as other family members put in their two-cents worth.

‘Mrs Boardman Widens her Horizons’ by Frank Davidson stars veteran actress Joan Rodd (in her 10th S+S role) as a Lotto winner.

‘A Changed Man’ by Glyn Carter (UK) is also directed by Michelle Gattellari with Samuel Sida, Stephanie May, Monica Ulibarri and Amelia-Rose Gattellari. A shallow, flirtatious, dishy young man attempts to win back his ex.

‘What If?’ written, directed by and starring Glen Waterhouse (co-starring Jane Daniel) is about an unlikely train encounter.

‘A Day Out With the Mates’ is Marcia Neilson’s zany romp (her own true story) about a female field officer’s attempts to keep order among a bunch of blokes on weekend detention.



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