Seniors thoroughly enjoyed ‘Caring Cruise for Ageless Seniors’ by GNFKS

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Guru Nanak Free Kitchenette, Sydney (GNFKS) organised a “Caring Cruise for Ageless Seniors” on March 22, 2014.

Guru Nanak Free Kitchenette Sydney was launched by the Shadow Minister of Multicultural Affairs, Michelle Rowland at Huntley point Wharf, Gladesville.
This organisation is a group of likeminded people who want to serve the community with passion and selfless motive.The vision of GNFKS is to operate quarterly, serving food, clothing to the homeless and poor residents across Sydney and taking care of our Senior citizens.

Their main motive is to follow the path of humanity, selfless service and kindness to achieve success in a key principle called ‘Sarbat The Bhala’ means ‘Working Towards The Common Good For All’. This project is not missionary in nature; instead it is an opportunity to extend a true spirit of helping those in need regardless of caste, colour creed and economic status.

The cruise ship ‘Rosemary’ took over from Huntley Point Wharf with 200 people (seniors and volunteers) on-board.

Opera House, Circular Quay and Darling Harbour in the backdrop provided a perfect scene for cameras. Weather was quite good and it complemented the occasion and seniors enjoyed sunshine and a light breakfast prepared by Kamini Raj Singh and Balbir Singh before boarding the cruise.

Seniors were looked after by a number of selfless volunteers including Amar Singh, Harvinder Singh, Satpal Dhingra, Kashmiri Dhingra, Sanjay Patel, Neerav Rastogi, Renu Dhingra, Harsh Dhingra, Gaurav Kapoor, Gaurav Sethi , Guneeta Kaur, Carol Evans, Elle Rancis, Balbir Singh, Kamini Raj Singh and Lucky Singh and were served with food, sweets, juices,  drinks, tea and coffee amdist the ambient sound of melodious music played by DJ Upkar, mesmerising old songs by Dheeraj Panjwani and scintillating dances by Usha Bariya’s NepIndo Dance Group.

Trivia quiz was played by Kamini Raj Singh and Gaurav Kapoor. The useful information on retirement was given to the seniors and the free books on the topic were distributed to them to make them aware of their retirement rights. Laughter session was conducted by Jagdish Chowdhry. Lucky Singh and Gaurav recited poetry, senior’s duet songs and duet dances kept everyone so absorbed that no one realized how quickly 4 hours elapsed.

A few seniors were acknowledged as an Ageless Achievers and the Unstoppable Powers.

Lucky Singh in her welcome address said, “Growing older is a privilege which is denied to many people. Your principles and values are a source of inspiration for the present generation.Our youngsters should take advantage of your experiences. You are more young at heart than us, we care for you and we salute you”.

She further added that, “GNFKS believes that there is a growing need of acknowledging our elderly people and supporting them with love and respect for their good work done in the community. We believe that life begins at 60 and they are retired but not tired in making a difference in the lives of people around them. They are an inspiration and motivation for all of us. They have done a remarkable job to make this world a beautiful place to live in.” Five seniors were facilitated on the occasion for their services and community work. They were- Santosh Verma, Jagdish Chowdhry, Dave Passi, MP Singh and Jan Burrie .

One of the volunteer of GNFKS, Amar Singh said, “Volunteers are the heart of this project and people who really want to serve the community can be a part of this project. They can help us in many ways like financially, physically, mentally, morally with their precious time and with their valuable ideas”.

The sponsors for the occasion included Thomas and Naaz group of Medical Centres, Dr Nadeem, Dr Saluja, Patel Travels, Minto Cellars, Woodville  Cellars, Centrum Printing ,  Desi Hatti, Laju Bhojwani, A1Home Improvements, Grace of India, Milan Bazaar, Richard Baxter, Sydney Conveyancing, Hope International, Jan Burrie, DJ DesiROCKSTAR. The sponsors donated money, prizes, gift vouchers and also their precious time. The media sponsors were Punjab Times, Indaus Times, Desi. com, ImWoman and Hindi Gaurav. The discounted food was provided by Maya-da-Dhaba. The whole event was beautifully captured by HemuNegi’s lens.

Seniors were all in praise for the organisers of GNFKS. Some of the seniors expressed their views when asked- Manmohan Singh Baveja said, “It is not a cruise but an excellent celebration of seniors.”

Another senior Mohinder Singh Bawa  appreciated the organisers  and said that this programme should be organised  twice a year.

Suresh Joshi a visitor to Sydney said- “22/3/14 will be the most memorable day as I am enjoying first picnic abroad. You have brought our youth back for a day. My wife had bypass surgery but she enjoyed dancing herself and has taken part in it. Best human nature I have found in this picnic (cruise).

An aussi ladyElly Rancis also appreciated the cruise and said, “ It was the most beautiful experience, cruising the harbour in the company of wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed the music, food and culture. Thanks to the hosts.”

At the end Kamini Raj Singh thanked all the seniors and sponsors who have attended and made it successful. True to its name, the cruise was an exceptionally pleasant, relaxing and caring.




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