Religious group given private briefings on Ruddock Review recommendations : NSL Ambassador

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“The religious publication ‘Eternity‘ has reported that the Freedom For Faith group is being given privileged and private briefings on the recommendations of the Ruddock Review by the Turnbull government,” says science communicator and National Secular Lobby ambassador Associate Professor Paul Willis.

“It gives credible evidence that conservative politicians and Christian groups are receiving preferential treatment in their push to increase religious entitlement in the face of same-sex marriage legalisation.”

At the recent Freedom For Faith conference in Sydney, Professor Patrick Parkinson — who penned Freedom For Faith’s Ruddock Review submission — told the audience:

“I have been kept closely in touch with the Ruddock Inquiry. I have been kept informed by the Prime Minister’s office and we have been making progress.”

“The religious right want to extend the right to discriminate against staff employed in health, aged care, education and other institutions run by religious organisations — and that is a massive combined workforce.”

Prof. Parkinson reportedly defended the need for staff to be religious, even in areas not directly related to religious instruction:

“My wife is a maths teacher and she brings God into her classroom all the time, saying that an equation relates to the order of creation.”

“It is unconscionable in a supposed secular democracy — where 40 per cent of children are now taught in private religious schools — that this level of proselytising is allowed in a maths class.”

“It seems almost certain that the 78 per cent of Australians who want to separate religion from politics would also support the separation of religion from STEM subjects in schools,” said Associate Professor Willis.

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