‘Relevance of Vastu to Astrology’

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Many difficulties or sufferings in various aspects of our lives are the direct result of vastu defects in our residential building or in our office and unfavourable planetary influences in our horoscopes. We might have used colours which are unfavourable to us as per our birth charts / horoscopes.

We might be having a puja sthana / place of meditation in a wrong place; we might have a toilet where we should have place of meditation; we might be suffering from loss of sleep due to sleeping in wrong direction; we might be suffering from health problems due to wrong placements in our kitchen; we might be suffering due to faulty layout of our business premises or factory; we might be suffering due to having staircase in the wrong place; we might be suffering from stomach problems due to wrong sitting postures in WC / toilet; etc.
Vastu blesses the person when application of  Vastu is blended with the planetary influences in one’s horoscope.


VASTU: This is a preventive as well as a curative therapy for solving the problems in physical and spiritual areas. Wider applications of this therapy are in the field of success of professional ventures. This is practiced through the use of proper outlay of a building to derive geo-magnetic forces for properly energizing the total impact of that building with the help of light, air, space and aura conducive to the main function of the environment.

The minimum vastu to be kept in view is:

1. The house must be east facing. Next best is west facing but there should be openings in the east direction, as well. The houses facing south and north should better be avoided. The place of meditation is in the north east direction;
2. Bedrooms in south and south west;
3. Children’s study in north;
4. Kitchen in south east;
5. Stairs in south-west;
6. Heavy structures in the house in south-west;
7. One should sleep with one’s head in east, or south or south west directions;
8. The central place of the residential unit should be empty;
9. There should be openings in east and west and it would be better if the opening is also in south direction;
10. The opening only in south direction creates conflicts and diseases while the openings only in north direction stops family prosperity and sometimes even continuity. Opening only in the west direction brings poverty.
11. The place should be properly lit and pastel colors of functional benefic planets should be used on the walls;
12. The furnishings should be mostly plain or with very little flowery designs. In any case the patterns and designs on the fabric should not be too imposing.

A common question posed to a Vastu Shastri is whether a house or a factory or a office constructed as per the Vastu guidelines would be as auspicious for the son and the grandson as it has been for the person who built that house. The answer invariably is in the negative. Then the next question arises as to whether Vastu is important or is it only a fashion.

We all know that a dwelling unit whether it is a small house or a royal mansion, is built for protection and for physical, mental health and spiritual development.  The happiness of the individuals depends upon the planetary periods of the individuals. Therefore, it is not necessary that a dwelling unit built by a person would be as prosperous and auspicious for his progeny.

The basic components of a dwelling unit are the building, the passage, the lighting arrangement and its location, besides its maintenance and cleanliness.  The building laws impose many restrictions.  The availability of land as per one’s desire and requirement is also not possible in the present times.  The Vastu factor stands modified due to the painting and lighting inside the house in spite of the basic structure and airy passage remaining the same.  The various planets during their planetary periods create different types of impact on the outlook of persons in matters of brightness and colors. These indeed change the overall effect of the dwelling unit. Why talk of the son and the grandson, a person may find the same dwelling unit inauspicious even for himself after a few ears. It is important to have maximum benefit of the dwelling unit, which is derived through natural inflow of the sunlight and air.  The provision for these basic necessities can be made if a house is facing east and its doors and windows open in the southeast, southwest and western directions.

Following vastu principle duly blended with your horoscope planetary influences will bless you with peaceful life. Persons living in suitable vastu house will be optimistic and energetic. Besides the basic structure, the light and bright color on the walls and door panels help in mental happiness, which is possible during the periods of strong and well placed planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.  It will give a hygienic, clean and decorative outlook while the influence of Rahu may make the man dubious and deceptive in character. He may use dark colors on the walls, corners or candlelight. Saturn in its weak state makes the man feel insecure and he loses trust. As the person’s stress is on savings in life, he/she uses dark shades on the walls and door panels to save money on maintenance and this creates a stuffy atmosphere.

The result of the maintenance and the shades on the walls and door frames/panels may be different.  While the light and bright shades bring in prosperity and enlarge the social circle, dark and stuffy shades isolate the person from society and thrust upon him/her unstable and insecure attitudes in life.


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