‘Racism-It Stops With Me’

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Wyndham City has released its draft Cultural Diversity Policy and has wasted no time in releasing details of its first campaign.

The ‘Racism-It Stops With Me’ campaign is part of the National Anti-Racism Strategy and invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens.


Wyndham City signed a support agreement to join the campaign and adopted the Policy at Monday night’s Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Chaffey Ward Councillor, Gautam Gupta said that residents will soon be invited to submit feedback on the Policy.

“Wyndham is an increasingly diverse community, with over 33.7 per cent of our residents born overseas and over 100 languages spoken within our municipality,” Cr Gupta said.

“The development of this policy demonstrates Wyndham City’s commitment to social justice, equity and human rights.  It will be used to actively promote cultural diversity by supporting programs and events that foster understanding and help to celebrate the benefits of multiculturalism across the broader Wyndham community, ” said Cr Gupta.

“The approval of the draft strategy is the first stage of the process, with extensive community consultation to be undertaken, before a finalised document with projects, events and strategies is adopted.  We will now take this draft policy out to relevant community groups, staff and stakeholders, before inviting the broader community to comment,” added Gupta.

“It is apt that on the same night we endorsed the Cultural Diversity Policy, we are also beginning our participation in the ‘Racism-It Stops With Me’ campaign.”

“As a multicultural community, Wyndham residents need to play their part in addressing racism.  Council will now determine specific actions, projects and events aimed at stopping racism within the community.  Once these are outlined, we will be inviting residents to join us in this campaign,”said Cr Gupta.

For more information on the ‘Racism-It Stops With Me’ campaign or the Cultural Diversity Policy and Action Plan, contact Leading Communities Co-ordinator, Kriss McKie on 9742 0728 or visit www.wyndham.vic.gov.au


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