‘Proposal set to create jobs for retrenched workers’

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NSW Government  will  offer $6,000 Fresh Start tax rebate to businesses employing workers who have recently lost their jobs through large-scale redundancies.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Treasurer Mike Baird announced the payroll tax rebate initiative as part of a commitment to help workers who have lost their jobs through restructures by giving businesses an extra incentive to hire them.

The $6,000 Fresh Start Support payroll tax rebate includes the existing $5,000 rebate already available under the NSW Government’s Jobs Action Plan (JAP). The JAP provides a payroll tax rebate to businesses that employ new workers in new eligible employment – paid in two parts, at 12 months and 24 months after the employee is hired.

Since 2012, the Jobs Action Plan has helped to create over 91,000 jobs in NSW.

“Ongoing national and global economic uncertainty is contributing to a softening of the national labour market and putting pressure on businesses, but that the NSW Government was encouraged by the latest employment figures”,  Baird said.

O’Farrell  while speaking on the occasion added, “While the latest job numbers show NSW’s relative strength in testing economic times, recent large-scale industry readjustments have left a number of NSW workers without a job.

“I understand the impact job loss can have on families and that’s why the NSW Government is determined to do all we can to support those workers and create new employment opportunities.

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