Pink Ribbon Breakfast organised to raise funds for ‘Breast Cancer Research’

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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia. On an average, seven women die from breast cancer every day in Australia and one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Improvements in survival are attributed to earlier detection of breast cancer through regular mammograms and improved treatment outcomes for breast cancer.  Early detection of breast cancer increases the chance of surviving the disease.

Rekha Rajvanshi and Sue Advani, know firsthand how lucky they are to have detected cancer early and so they hosted this event to spread the message of early detection to their friends.

On Sunday, November 16, Rekha and Sue held a Pink Ribbon Breakfast event at Parravilla Function Centre and invited their friends to a morning of good food, fun and fundraising.

Speakers included cancer survivors Meena Mohanty and Minu Ganesh, who shared their personal experiences and the need for the support of friends and family at this difficult time.

Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia shared his personal experience with the loss of his wife to breast cancer and the impact on the whole family.

Shantha Viswanathan from SEVA’s Saheli group and Michael Camit from the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service advised that women of Indian origin are not availing  the NSW Breastscreen Service which is free to women over 50 and critical in the early detection of breast cancer.

Dr Rekha Rao and Usha Salagame, cancer researcher and herself a breast cancer survivor gave great tips and answered  the questions from the audience .

Dr Rekha Rao informed that although rare, breast cancer can also affect men, accounting for about 1% of cases. Around 110 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia each year.

Dr Geoff Lee, State MP for Parramatta and Julie Owens, Federal MP for Parramatta attended the whole session and supported to the event.

Victor Dominello, Minister for Citizenship and Communities and Michelle Rowland, MP for Greenway and Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism sent their messages of support.

Rekha, through her poem, gave a message that breast cancer is not the end of the road, it is the start of a new journey, journey of courage and strength, journey of hope and prayers. “We, as a community need to support our women to make it easier”.

Sue said that the best way to look after our friends is to spread the message and save lives. “We must take charge of our own health and ensure that we have regular health checks. If we are healthy, we can take better care of our families”.

Besides getting valuable health information and having a whole lot of fun the Ladies in Pink raised $2400 for Breast Cancer research.

Rekha and Sue acknowledged the support of Kamal Athwal of Parravilla who decked out the function centre in beautiful pink hues and provided a delicious breakfast.

Last year Pink Ribbon Breakfasts raised an incredible $1.4 million, which funded more than 20,000 hours of vital breast cancer research in Australia.

In the end , Rekha and Sue thanked their friends for their generosity and support.

“Together we can help fund research to find better therapies, promote greater understanding of possible ways to stop the spread of breast cancer to other areas and support improved quality of life for patients and their families”.


For NSW Breastscreen go to the following link:

Women aged 50-74 can book a FREE screen at BreastScreen NSW by calling 13 20 50. If the assistance of an interpreter is required, please call 13 14 50.

For more information go to-

Pink Ribbon Breakfast organised to raise funds for ‘Breast Cancer Research’

Pink Ribbon Breakfast organised to raise funds for ‘Breast Cancer Research’

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