Now party until wee hours in 7 live entertainment venues in Sydney

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If you are planning to party until wee hours, there is a good news for you as seven licensed live entertainment venues in Sydney’s CBD and Kings Cross have been approved to extend trading hours.

Oxford Art Factory and Mr B’s Hotel are the latest Sydney venues allowed to admit customers until 2am and serve drinks until 3.30am, under lockout law exemptions announced in December 2016.

The other venues with later trading times are:

  • The Palace Hotel
  • ArtHouse Hotel
  • The Observer Hotel
  • Stonewall Hotel
  • World Bar

Under the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross lockout laws for pubs and clubs, patrons cannot enter a venue after 1.30am and last drinks are served at 3am. The government is conducting a two-year trial of later lockout and last drinks for approved venues that offer genuine live entertainment, live performances or art and cultural events.

Minister for Racing Paul Toole said Liquor & Gaming NSW was considering applications from a further 19 venues.

“I’m very pleased there has been such a strong response from industry to the government’s relaxation of lockout laws for live entertainment venues,” Toole said.

Changes to lockout laws were introduced at the end of 2016 following an independent review of the state’s liquor laws by Ian Callinan.


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