Pallavi to take part in ABC/ BBC’s IQ Series

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Human rights and immigration lawyer, Pallavi Sinha, will join celebrities Sky News Stan Grant, TheAustralian/Herald Sun Columnist Rita Panahi and Australian actor legend Jack Thompson, for the ABC’s/BBC’s IQ Series Debate, Racism is Destroying the Australian Dream.

Sydney born, Pallavi is the first Indian Australian woman invited to join the Panel.
Pallavi is a second-generation Indian Australian and lawyer.

Much of her work is in immigration and family law. She is also an Adjunct lecturer at the College of Law and has written opinion pieces that have been published by SMH & SBS. Pallavi also has an artistic side.

She is a classical Indian dancer and appears in the new film UnIndian, which stars Brett Lee. She is the Women’s Chair of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia and serves on the Multicultural Consultation Council of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

The Debate, Racism is Destroying the Australian Dream, sets the scene, Australia is both a young nation built on immigration and a country boasting the oldest living culture in the world.

Walk down a city street and you’ll see signs of a richly diverse, cohesive and multicultural country – people from all over the world living their daily lives in harmony.

The Australian dream is magnetic, attracting vastly more people than ever move away. A quarter of the population is born overseas and almost half of us have a parent born abroad. The Australian Bureau of Statistics counts one international migration every two minutes.

Who wouldn’t want to live the Australian dream? Everyone is entitled to the same basic levels of safety, protection and opportunity, no matter their race or religion. Indeed Australian laws protect everybody from racial discrimination, ensuring we all get a ‘fair go’ in life.

But our history and recent events suggest the dream is far from the reality. The Stolen Generations were subjected to atrocities that only ended in the 1970s and continue to manifest today. Tensions between Anglo and Lebanese Australians infamously reached crisis point in the 2005 Cronulla Riots. Then Australia made headlines across India for a spate of “racist”, violent attacks against students in Melbourne. And only recently, we’ve seen an onslaught of racist attitudes seep into sport, that supposedly merit-based and quintessentially Australian pastime.

The debate will explore whether Australia is really the multicultural safe haven of equal opportunity?  Or is racism destroying the Australian dream? Pallavi shares with us “I am passionate about Australian values and diversity”. “I share concerns that Australian values are truly implemented in Australian society – especially giving everyone a ‘fair go’”.

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