OFBJP organised grand celebrations on BJP’s victory

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It was a historic day for Indian Politics and the Indians living in Australia made it more significant by celebrating the victory of BJP with Bhangra, dhol and partying.


On May 16, the D-Day for the Indian politics, the Overseas Friends of BJP celebrated their party’s success in Grand Marion Palace with full grandeur.

Sanjay Patel of Patel Brothers along with the other  OFBJP workers hosted an event at the Grand Marion , Harris Park on the results Day which was attended by more than 500 well –wishers and supporters of OFBJP.

The preparations for the celebration started days ahead and on the result day people started thronging to Grand Marion from the afternoon.

As the election results started and once it was clear that the BJP crossed the magical number 272, the expectations of the gathered crowd turned into joyousness.  All you could hear were the Modi Slogans and the workers chanting ‘Har Har Modi’.

As the results progressed and BJP took lead on many seats, the celebrations became more intense. Everyone was glued towards the big screen which was arranged for the election results and with every victory the crowd was dancing and shouting slogans.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) collation lead by the BJP secured 337 seats out of 543 seats of parliament and it was for the first time that BJP took such a big lead.

 Drinks were served to everyone followed by dinner. Ladoos were distributed and excited supporters danced to the beat of dhol.  The celebrations continued till late night.

The celebrations were not limited to Sydney, but were held across Australia. Along with the big and loud celebrations, various other informal celebrations were also held across Australia during the weekend.

A number of senior BJP leaders from India thanked and congratulated the OFBJP Australia team via video and audio conferencing.

OFBJP , Election Result , Celebrations , Australia

OFBJP , Election Result , Celebrations , Australia

OFBJP , Election Result , Celebrations , Australia

OFBJP , Election Result , Celebrations , Australia

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