NSW Government committed to support ‘Mental Health Care’ to culturally diverse communities

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Minister for Mental Health Jai Rowell outlined a host of mental health services specifically tailored to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities across NSW, as part of a special briefing session hosted in NSW Parliament by Minister for Citizenship and Communities, Victor Dominello, to mark Mental Health month.


Rowell said the NSW Government was committed to supporting a range of programs which helped to better engage people from migrant backgrounds who may be less inclined to access the mental health services provided in NSW.

“The NSW Government has an established suite of programs which are specifically delivered to ensure that migrant communities are fully aware of, and fully engaged with, the mental health services provided across NSW,” Rowell said.

“Mental Health month gives us an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of supporting the mental health of all sectors of our community, and in particular to raise awareness of the many services available to help those who are doing it tough.

“Through programs like the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) the NSW Government helps provide mental health care and counselling services specifically designed to help those who may have come to our country fleeing persecution, and helps them to integrate into the wider community.

“Over many years STARTTS has seen time and again that, given the right support, refugees can overcome experiences of trauma and make an important contribution to our society.

“Through the Transcultural Mental Health Centre of NSW (TMHC), the NSW Government also works to enhance the cultural understanding of health practitioners in our state, and ensure that mental health services are delivered in a culturally appropriate fashion.”

Dominello said the NSW Government was continually looking for ways to improve services delivery for people who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and have a diverse range of needs in accessing mental health support.

“People come to this state from a diverse range of backgrounds and the NSW Government is committed to supporting their mental health needs to see them make a valuable contribution to society,” Dominello said.



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