NSW enters the digital age with ePlanning

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Minister for Planning Pru Goward announced the NSW planning system will be easier to navigate and more accessible, with the launch of exciting new online tools which should save homeowners and businesses time and money.


The new ePlanning tools went live, bringing the State’s planning system into the digital age to help plan for a growing NSW.

“I know the planning system can sometimes be cumbersome, time-consuming, costly and difficult to navigate,” Goward said.

“That’s why the NSW Liberal & Nationals Government has invested in delivering a range of ePlanning tools and services over a two year period, making the planning system simpler, cheaper, faster and more convenient.

“To plan for the future, the system needs to be modern, and take advantage of technology available in everyone’s pocket or on their desk.  For too long, it has been slow, hard to access and based on the paper systems of bygone centuries.

“This takes the paper out of planning and makes planning more convenient and more user-friendly, as well as providing real savings to users.

“People will be able to use their smartphone or a tablet to access the information they need anywhere anytime – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The new ePlanning tools include:

• Planning Viewer – to show the planning rules that apply to properties in NSW where a standard Local Environmental Plan has been adopted

• Interactive buildings – users will be able to click on an interactive 3D image model of a standard home, commercial or industrial property and understand in plain English what development standards apply and what work can be undertaken as exempt development.

• Local Insights – to see a range of useful planning related statistics and projections at a council level and the location of current development applications where available, from mobile devices, tablets or computers.

The NSW Government has also been working with councils to:

• Expand the Electronic Housing Code to 89 council areas. This tool allows users submit complying development applications online.

• Enable all NSW councils to offer residents the ability to track development applications online, through grant funding.

Goward said she looks forward to getting the community’s feedback on the first release of these ePlanning tools, which are currently being developed.

“We need to make sure that these tools work for the community and business in the way they were intended,” Goward said.

“That’s why I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from users about how the early versions of these tools can be improved.”


The first release of these versions of the ePlanning tools will be live available from Monday 28 July and can be accessed at www.planning.nsw.gov.au/eplanning

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