Nominations open for 2017 Multicultural Community Medals

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Members of the community who strive to maintain harmony and peace in NSW are being encouraged to nominate for the 2017 Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals.

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Multiculturalism John Ajaka today announced the launch of the nomination process for the Medals and the Multicultural Honour Roll.

“We are very proud of our multicultural history in NSW, it’s part of what makes our state so great and should be celebrated,” Baird said.

“People from more than 200 countries have come here and we should respect their cultures and backgrounds that together create such a vibrant place to call home.

“Our multicultural society is the envy of cities around the world and it’s important we take the time to recognise the people who dedicate their time to keeping us together.”

The 2017 Medals will honour the achievements of community members across a range of categories: community harmony, youth, lifetime community service, arts and culture, regional communities and economic participation.

Ajaka encouraged people to nominate and announced a new Human Rights Medal would also be awarded as part of the 2017 Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals.

“The Human Rights Medal will be awarded in honour of Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of lives during the Holocaust in World War II,” Ajaka said.

“It will recognise a person who has made a lasting and meaningful contribution to advancing human rights.”

The Medals will be presented at the Premier’s Harmony Dinner, the flagship event of 2017 Multicultural March celebrations. The Multicultural Honour Roll will posthumously recognise community members who dedicated their time to maintaining peace in NSW.



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