No room for complacency on unemployment -Jobless people on rise in NSW

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The latest unemployment data offers no room for complacency – with Western Sydney still facing a massive jobs deficit and 28,400 more unemployed people in NSW than before the O’Farrell Government was elected, Shadow Treasurer Michael Daley said .


Daley noted that the trend unemployment rate has fallen over the past month from 5.7 to 5.5 per cent.

However Daley expressed concern that unemployment in key areas such as Parramatta, Blacktown, South West Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Hunter is too high at more than 7 per cent.

Youth unemployment is also still unacceptably high.

“Creating jobs is core business for Labor – and any fall in the monthly unemployment rate is good for families,” Daley said.

“However there is no room for complacency when looking at the broader trend.

“The Liberal Government inherited an unemployment rate of 5 per cent – and its own forecast projects unemployment to rise to 6.25 per cent.

“Over the past 12 months, an additional 7100 more people joined the unemployment queue – and that’s before the full scale of recent layoffs work their way through.

“As I travel across NSW, the level of community anxiety over job security is as high as I’ve ever seen it.”

Daley called on the O’Farrell Government to reverse its damaging cuts to TAFE and apprenticeships for young people.

“Our workforce has long relied on TAFE as a safety net – and the last thing Barry O’Farrell should be doing is cutting the daylights out of the system,” Daley said.

“Removing $80 million from the TAFE budget – sacking 800 teachers, eliminating courses and raising fees – is no way to help people retrain.”

NSW Labor has committed to build a Western Sydney airport at Badgery’s Creek. It has also allocated $20 million towards a light rail network centred on Parramatta.

“Barry O’Farrell’s legacy after three years is leaving people up to their necks in congestion,” Daley said.

“The projects that Labor has committed to have the potential to be economic game changers for our entire State.”


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