‘Modi’s government is an opportunity for BJP to correct the past’: Dhume

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Liberal Friends of India organised a cocktail event and Sadanand Dhume, East Asia Columnist for Wall Street Journal graced the occasion as a guest speaker.

The event was organised by Matt Kean MP, Member for Hornsby, and Parliamentary Secretary to Treasurer.

While speaking on the occasion Dhume shared his deep insight into Narender Modi’s government and said, “This is the opportunity for India and BJP to correct the past and set the BJP and the nation on path of a more Liberal and opportunity based and less socialist and entitlement based ideology.

Dhume mentioned that sections within the BJP are still struggling to morph into a forward thinking, modern party that India needs in this age to achieve its full potential.

“Modi is getting accolades globally for his vision for India and his proven track record of good, progressive governance in Gujarat during his time as Chief Minister of Gujarat,” said Dhume.

Dhume also discussed the difficulties and challenges Modi Government is facing on the ground in implementing those policies and vision e.g. the Land Acquisition Bill didn’t go through and various policies like Digital India, Smart Cities, Clean India etc. are more of slogans.

He also spoke about the Indian policy of non-alignment and how it costed India growth and trading opportunities and remained more of a slogan.

During the Q & A session when asked about rise of Aam Admi Party in Delhi, Dhume opined that congress vote bank shifted to AAP and helped them securing the win whereas BJP held its vote share.

While sharing his thoughts David Elliot stressed upon the importance of India Australia bi-lateral relations. He also touched upon how Liberal values resonate with Indian values and spoke about the enormous contribution Indian community is making in NSW and Australia.

Parveen Gupta presented the vote of thanks and acknowledged all the attendees for their valuable time and support towards Liberal Friends of India.

The event was attended by David Elliot MP representing NSW Premier Mike Baird, Consulate General of India Sanjay Sudhir, Alister Henskens MP, Damien Tudehope MP, DR G K Harinath Chairman CRC , Reena Jethi, Raman Bhalla, Parveen Gupta, Stanley D’Cruz, Sreeni Pilimari along with many other members of Indian community.


Liberal Friends Of India

Liberal Friends Of India


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