Manu Singh:  From an ardent fan to the ‘Cricket Connect Exhibition Ambassador’ 

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Cricket has always remained a most sought after game for the Indians. There has been a great fan-following among the Indians for the cricketers and the enthusiasm among the youngsters can be gauged from their passion of chasing the ball and hitting the bat in every available place in the cities, towns and the wide open fields in the rural India.

The game of cricket is bequeathed to generations while the out-of-field generations retain the love by watching young cricketers on the small screen, whenever it is cricketing season.

Manpreet Singh aka Manu is also one of those Indians who have unconditional love for cricket and he leaves no stone unturned to promote the game in whatever way he can.

Born in India, like many Indians, who leave their country in hope of better career opportunities and growth, Manu came to Australia with many dreams and surely the country didn’t disappoint him and blessed him with many opportunities.

Manu is an ardent fan of cricket, so even after coming to Australia he continued to play cricket. Back in India, Manu has played district level cricket tournaments.

“Ever since I arrived in Australia other than working for my living, I have been lucky to concentrate on cricket- ‘my first love’.  One day after cricket training at Penrith I was walking from the cricket ground to my home thinking about Donald Bradman and his test average. As I was walking, a 20 cent coin on the road grabbed my attention and distracted me. I picked up the coin and to my surprise that coin had the impression of Bradman. That was a very rare coin from Bradman’s limited edition coin series. I felt something special about that moment and the same day I decided to visit Bradman’s hometown and to share this story with the staff at Bradman Museum,” says Manu while sharing one of the most amazing experience of his life.

“After few days, I got an opportunity to share this story with the staff at Bradman Museum and they found it really interesting. After that, I decided that I will share this story with my hero, Sachin Tendulkar. When Sachin visited Sydney for the Hall of Fame of the Bradman Foundation at the SCG, I shared this story with him. Sachin was quite impressed and we shared a wonderful time talking about Bradman,” he says.

Sharing his experience of meeting Master Blaster –‘Sachin’ again in Sydney, Manu says, “In 2015, Sachin visited Australia as a brand ambassador for the 2015 World Cup and I got an opportunity to meet him again at a BMW event. I presented the coin to Sachin as a token of love from all the Australian cricket fans. Sachin appreciated the gesture and told me that I deserve that coin and should keep it with me. That is how I got involved with Sachin and we started building  Indian -Australian relationship through cricket.”

“Australian cricketers are gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent while Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar are grabbing the attention of the Australian community due to their unique style of playing and that in itself makes a strong connection between the two nations,” adds Manu.

Manu joined McGrath Foundation in 2012 and ever since has helped in raising money for McGrath foundation.  Manu also did, ‘City to Surf’ run with Steve Waugh and raised funds for disabled kids.

“My love for cricket has helped me to get involved with the Australian cricket fraternity and helped me in serving Australia. I have been lucky to support Steve Waugh foundation, which helps underprivileged people in Calcutta. I have also been able to work for McGrath foundation to raise aware about ‘Domestic violence’. But I feel, cricket can play more significant role in building Indian and Australian relationship,” says Manu.

“To connect the communities through cricket, I have also been supporting NSW police and organizing cricket matches. This has helped me to raise awareness about Indian people in the Australian communities and vice-verse,” adds Manu.

“I feel fortunate as I have an opportunity to be a part of a new film about cricket and   for me it is my contribution towards  building cricket connection between India and Australia. Through cricket engagements, we can help to enhance the ties and understanding between Australia and India. Australia is full of opportunities for new migrants and cricket definitely will help to engage new migrants in the Australian society and building strong ties. ”

Manu is Ambassador for Cricket Exhibition at Sydney Cricket Ground from October 20- October 27, 2016. The exhibition will help in connecting people from both the nations through cricket by providing them information via various images, documentaries, archival sources, audio and visual clips etc. The exhibition will be divided into various sections with a sole motive to highlight the passion and love for cricket in both India and Australia.



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