‘Localities enjoyed chat with Liberal State and Federal Members at Hornsby Heights’

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The Fox Valley branch of the Liberal party held a meet and greet with the name “Eggs and Politics” on March 29 at Hornsby Heights.


David Citer , Councillor for the Gordon Ward at Ku-ring-gai Council hosted this breakfast with Matt Kean MP and Philip Ruddock.

It was  a free family barbecue and a great opportunity for people to have a chat with their State and Federal Members Matt Kean and Philip Ruddock. The attendees discussed various issues with both the MPs.

David Citer while addressing the people highlighted the achievements of the Liberal party and stressed that more people should join the party to strengthen it.

“Give yourself and opportunity to have a voice, what myself and my wife does”, said David.

David along with his wife thanked all the people for attending the function.

MP Philip Ruddock, Federal Member from Berowra appreciated the Fox Valley branch for their tremendous efforts and contribution towards the Liberal party.

He said one of the reasons for organising such small events is to talk a little about what we doing and why we doing it.

“If I was talking to my colleagues in Canberra at the moment I would be saying to them just remember before you take a decision you should be explaining to people why it is necessary. Sometimes we think that everybody knows the reason for doing the difficult things we do but that is not true”.

“Governing is not easy. There are some people around who think that there is a money tree but what I found is that they can only put the money on the tree when they take it from someone else. Governments have never really been productive to grow the Australian Economy. But when you create an environment where it is difficult for people to succeed there is no money to do things what you like to do. At times, people have vision that they are unable to achieve but Government should create an environment where they can succeed if they are running a business. If they want to start a business, gets it going and if you will do that the tax collection will remarkably grow as more people will be succeeding. When tax collection is good you can do the things that people really want you to do,” said Philip Ruddock.

“We are a government which want to create wealth and opportunities and I am saying it very deliberately as there will certainly be very tough decision in the budget. Sometimes you need to take the medicine before the disease to prevent it and same holds true for certain decision taken by the government” , added Philip Ruddock.

Appreciating the Fox Valley Branch, Ruddock said, “Sometimes people come and ask me about the Fox Valley Branch as ‘Is it some sort of exclusive club? We don’t know how to become a part of it? Would we be welcome? But what I have to say is that this branch is a part of your community, you are entitled to be a part of it, you are entitled to have a say, and you are entitled to contribute”.

MP Matt Kean in his address acknowledged MP Philip Ruddock, Councillor Gurdeep Singh and other councillors present along with the organisers.

Talking about the Liberal Party he said,“ Most importantly we think what we do is worth doing, what we stand for is worth standing for , we think what we fight is worth fighting for because it is the liberal values that we share and liberal values that made this country so strong for so long”.

“Those important values of enterprise, opportunities, personal responsibility freedom of choice, and freedom of association have kept this country in this state so strong. After 16 years of labours in this stage what we saw was a government more interested in racking up debt and racking up deficit. What we inherited from government was a net debt of 60 billion dollars and budget deficit of 6 billion dollars along with other debts. So we have taken some important and tough decisions and not very popular decisions, but those decisions have been taken in the best interest of the state and those decisions have been taken to repair the state’s finances so that we can deliver the infrastructure and services” added Matt Kean.

“We have invested a lot in the services and infrastructure and one of the examples of it is the Hornsby Hospital. We have invested 120 million dollars for the upliftment of the Hornsby hospital which faced many problems during the Labour government”, said Matt Kean

“I am really proud by the announcement of our government to finally fix the problem which is Pennant Hills road. What is announced is a 9 kilometres tunnel linking M1 and M2 and that will save a lot of time of the commuters.

Matt Kean also spoke about the an eight-year mandatory minimum sentence for one-punch offences committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol which was announced by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell recently.

The reforms aimed at making the streets safer also include forced drug and alcohol testing, earlier closing times for bottle shops across NSW and late-night lock-outs for big inner Sydney bars.

“ So joining the local liberal party you too will have a say in the policies , services and infrastructure which we deliver in our community, so consider joining liberal if you want to make a difference”, said Matt Kean.

At least 100 Liberal supporters attended the function and many new members joined the party as well.

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