Lakshmy Ramaswamy and Aditi Bhalla declared as winners of IASDS – 2015

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Dashing costumes, energetic moves, artistic props and loads of energy was showcased by the contestants in the finals of the Indian Australian Singing and Dancing Star 2015.


Contestants participating in IASDS – a ‘Talent Hunt’ show organized by Hindi Gaurav showed that nothing can deter the spirit when it comes to talent.

Bahai Center was brimming with talent on June 14, 2015, as it was the Grand Finale of Indian Australian Singing and Dancing Star (IASDS), 2015.

It was a day full of power pack performers as 34 contestants who were selected from all over Australia competed for the title of IASDS 2015 in their respective categories.

The programme was divided in three categories including singing, solo dance and group dance.

In singing, Lakshmy Ramaswamy from Melbourne was declared as the winner whereas Adarsh Nair from Melbourne was declared as the Ist runner-up and Shreya (Sydney) and Davis Mathew (Perth) were announced as 2nd runner-ups.

In solo dance category Aditi Bhalla from Perth won the first prize whereas Priya from Perth was judged as 1st   runner-up and Ishita Thakur from Adelaide as 2nd runner –up.

In Group dance, Bollywood Domainsion  from (Canberra) was declared as the winner whereas Ashvin (Brisbane) was declared as 1st runner-up and Jollity Group as 2nd runner-up.

Simranjit Singh from Sydney was given People’s Choice award.

Organizer of the event, Anuj Kulshresttha from Hindi Gaurav was overwhelmed with the response .

“There is no dearth of talent in Australia, but there are very few platforms to showcase the talent.  IASDS -2015 was organized with the intention of providing exposure to the talented people  from all over Australia.”

Providing the details of the competition, Anuj said, “The response was overwhelming. The competition started  with Auditions in all major cities of Australia including Melbourne , Perth , Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney in which more than 300 contestants participated.   For the second round 55 contestants were selected from all the cities  and then there was online voting.  Based on voting 34 contestants were selected and they all then performed  in the Grand Finale which was held on June 14, 2015 at Bahai Centre , Silver water, Sydney.”

“The panel of the judges included Sumati, Saleem Zamaan, Varun Tiwari, Esha Sanyal , Jagpreet Grover, Neena Sinha, Sheila Nair and Philip. Panel of four-four judges separately judged   the singing and dancing contestants. The final result was based on the points given by all the judges. So, the completion was very fair and result was announced on the basis of the  points given by the judges,” Anuj added.

“ In the past as well, Hindi Gaurav has organized many  such events   to promote Indian art and culture. In 2011 and 2012, Hindi Gaurav also organized the Indian –Australian Idol , a show  very similar  to this one,” Anuj added.

“I am thankful to all the  sponsors , media partners,  participants , MC’s and all others who were involved in  organizing the events,” Anuj said.

At the Grand Finale of the Indian Australian Singing and Dancing Star- 2015,  Hindi Gaurav honored Gul Hora as Indian Australian Idol -2014. Naval Mudgil was honored for his outstanding contribution in music whereas Harpreet Singh was honored for his outstanding contribution in Media.





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