Labor again drives the coalition to the right on sentencing

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John Robertson’s opposition has again forced the NSW Government into an unprincipled law and order auction, with a bill passed that will see family impact statements considered in sentencing. This will see criminal sentencing hearings judging the worth of the victim alongside the culpability of the victim.


The former Attorney General, who was responsible for the drafting of this bill, admitted this in debate saying: “the more valuable and worthy the deceased, the greater the impact on the deceased’s family, the greater the harm caused by the offence, and the greater the penalty imposed”.

Australian Greens spokesperson for international aid and development Senator Lee Rhiannon says the Coalition’s $7.6 billion budget cuts over five years to overseas aid is shaping up as the cruellest part of the budget as it impacts directly on the world’s poor.

“Foreign aid has had the deepest cuts of this brutal budget. Mr Abbott will take our contribution down to 0.31 per cent of GNI by 2017-2018. This is in stark contrast to the United Nations goal of a 0.7 percent target by 2015, which was signed by Australia in 2000. While five countries have already met this, Australia has disgracefully slashed it year after year,” said Senator Rhiannon.

“It is incomprehensible that while $7.9 billion is being cut from our aid budget, Mr Abbott is spending $8.3 billion locking up children and their families in detention prisons.

“Abbott’s first statement after being sworn in – ‘we won’t forget those who are often marginalised’ – highlights the depth of his deception to disadvantaged communities across the world.


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