Kuber Vaults: Protecting your rights and your valuables

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Kuber Vaults opened its solid doors to customers in the last quarter of 2017 in Castle Hill. In such a short time, the business has grown rapidly thanks to its great concept, excellent facilities, and rock-solid credibility of the name behind the business- Reena Jethi.

For the uninitiated, Reena Jethi is many roles, responsibilities and skills rolled into one tireless achiever. A teacher at heart and by profession, Reena has successfully completed a term as the treasurer of NSW Liberal Women’s Council, Co­ chair of Liberal Friends of India and the Hills Shire

Councillor – the first Indian born woman to be elected to this position – and a Board Member on CMRC (Community Migrant Resource Centre). She also supports and works closely with many community organizations to focus on issues faced by women in today’s world. Performing each of these roles to perfection has made Reena a very familiar and respected figure in the Hills shire.

Then comes the most ambitious and challenging venture – setting up and managing a truly state-of­ the-art safety locker facility. A lot of hats for one person to wear, you’d say. But Reena looks at it differently.

“There are things that you want to do and then there are things that you just can’t do without, she says, “teaching is my passion and I am proud to be the Head Teacher Secondary Studies at Westfields Sports High School. At the same time, playing an active role in the community also comes naturally to me. After coming into contact with the Liberal Party, I knew this is where I belonged with my skills and experience, and have been with the party ever since.”

What inspired Reena to set up Kuber Vaults?

“It started with an unfortunate personal experience which highlighted the complete lack of security available to our valuables at home. Instead of waiting for a solution, we decided to become the change agents ourselves.

It took us a long time to find the right location for a facility such as this. The structure, security set up and design of Kuber Vaults has been handled by the best professionals because we wanted to give our customers the maximum value for their money.

How has Kuber Vaults been accepted by the community?

“Very well”, adds Reena, “there is a huge community from the subcontinent which has been looking for a safety deposit box or locker, as we call them. The uptake of Kuber Vaults lockers has been swift right from its launch. Moreover, the concept of a safety locker isn’t really alien to anyone. So it was a matter of getting our message out to the people and they have responded brilliantly.”

With Kuber Vaults keeping her busy along with her political commitments, are there enough hours in the day for Reena Jethi?

“There haven’t been for a long time,” she laughs, “but then, nothing significant is ever achieved in normal working hours. Kuber Vaults is a business venture and it has my one full commitment and support. That’s why we are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.”


For more information, visit www.kubervaults.com.au

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