Spicy and Hot – Kashmiri Dam Aloo

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Kashmiri cuisine is rich, flavourful and hot . Kashmiri’s used very fragrant and hot spices to flavour their food.

Authentic Kashmiri ‘Dum Aloo’ is cooked with yogurt, fennel ,ginger powder and few spices, and while cooking on dum, the gravy is almost absorbed in the potatoes and then the potatoes are served coated with spices and little fat and off course very less gravy.

The most important step is to prick them well and then deep fry them on proper heat so that potatoes should absorb all the flavours and become spongy.


  • Potatoes – peeled

18-20 small

  • Oil

for deep-frying

  • Kashmiri red chillies


  • Yogurt
  • Water for gravy                                

2 cups

  • Green cardamom powder

1/2 teaspoon

  • Dry ginger powder (soonth)

1 teaspoon

  • Fennel seed (saunf) powder

2 tablespoons

  • Mustard oil

1/4 cup

  • Clove powder

a generous pinch

  • Asafoetida

a pinch

  • Coriander Powder                                  
  • Salt

to taste

  • Roasted cumin powder

1/2 teaspoon

  • Garam masala powder

1/2 teaspoon

  • Cinnamon                                                
  • Bay Leaves                                                  3-4 leaves



1.  Prick the potatoes all over with the help of a fork. Pricking should be done perfectly and properly, so that the potatoes should absorb all the flavours and masalas.

2.  Keep in salted water for fifteen minutes. Drain and wipe dry. Heat enough oil in a wide and deep pan and then add potatoes and deep fry till golden red in colour.

3.  When the potatoes are done, they will float on the surface of the oil.

4.   When done, drain on a tissue paper and keep aside.

5.  In a small bowl ,take 1/4 cup water and add kashmiri chili powder and asafoetida, mix(A). Whisk the yogurt with Garam Masala and keep aside.

6.   Heat ghee and oil in a heavy bottom pan.

7.   Add cloves, green cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and the chili paste (A)

8.   Saute for few seconds and then add whisked yogurt and saute for few seconds

9.   Add 3 cups of water, fennel powder, ginger powder, coriander powder and salt and let it boil. Keep stirring.

10.  Add the fried potatoes and cook till the potatoes absorb the gravy and the oil surfaces.

11.   Now add chopped fresh coriander and mix.

12.   Cover and simmer for a minute.

Serve hot, garnished with roasted cumin powder and Garam Masala powder.
Tip for this recipe:

The process of pricking the potatoes makes them very light; if not that means the pricking has not been proper or sufficient. Therefore it is a good idea to fry one potato and check.

The size of the potato is also important; it should be of small size but should not be very small.

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