Kabir plays supporting lead role of a ‘terrorist’ in ‘One Less God’

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Kabir Singh’s portrayal as the spine-chilling terrorist in Lliam Worthington’s ‘One Less God’ is riveting.

Hailing from a small community outside New Delhi, India, Kabir came to Australia when he was 9 years old and has spent his teenage years struggling to identify himself within a new community and country and fighting against the cultural expectations of an immigrant family thrust upon him in a new home – Australia.

For years of adaptation and assimilation, Kabir was soon recognized for his ultraistic temperament in class at 12 years old and placed into a specialized group of young performers as a strategy to divert his energy from potential self-damage into something more productive and positive. It worked. Kabir found within an urge for something great – Kabir discovered a storyteller.

Dropping out of an Economics’ degree at Macquarie University in Sydney and inspired by legends of past and present, Kabir enrolled into the prestigious and esteemed The Lee Strasberg Actor’s Studio in New York, following in the footsteps of muses such as James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman and Robert De Niro, to name but a few.

Making his way home to Australia, Kabir was ready to practice his tradecraft and delve into his first lead role in a feature film. Having won several small roles in independent cinema and having a bang at off Broadway, playing the lead in ‘Waiting For Lefty’, he was ready.

Kabir auditioned for a supporting lead role in ‘One less God’ and the director was so impressed with his audition that he offered him the role of ‘Yaaseen’ after the first audition. Taking on the role of one of the world’s scariest men, was no easy task to prepare for.

Delving into the psychology of the head of the echelon that rampaged across Mumbai in 2008 that killed almost 200 people was for Kabir the biggest challenge of his career.  A challenge that is starting to pay off. Kabir is set to become the next big thing since slice bread, having already been matched up against the likes of his biggest inspiration James Dean and with numerous roles in both Hollywood and independent cinema alike currently being negotiated, we are sure to be seeing much more of him gracing the silver screen in the future.

Kabir plays supporting lead role of a ‘terrorist’ in ‘One Less God’

Kabir plays supporting lead role of a ‘terrorist’ in ‘One Less God’

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