‘Jonty Rhodes to write for Cricket Lifestyle’

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Jonathan Neil Rhodes, better known as Jonty, was born in Pietermaritzburg on the 27th of July 1969. Jonty was not only a whizz on the sports field but also excelled academically. For most of his He was in the ‘B class’ for most of his schooling career but improved to an ‘A’ pupil by the time he got to matric level.

Although it was cricket that shot Jonty to fame, the sport of kings was actually not his first choice as he loved playing soccer at school and wanted to play the game professionally.

Jonty Rhodes is extending his talents from cricket player and coach, surfer and ambassador for South African Tourism in India, as well as an experienced corporate speaker, to include travel and lifestyle writer and blogger.

Rhodes, who was in London this month to attend the World Travel Market for meetings with Five Star PR, an Australian company of which he is on the advisory board, was also in town to promote his involvement with soon to be launched website and social media forum ‘Cricket Lifestyle’.

As a true Indiaphile, Rhodes is keen to share his knowledge of the Indian culture with readers’ of Cricket Lifestyle.

“I’m not one to stay in my hotel. It’s great to experience every facet of India from skiing helicopter skiing down the remote and uncrowded powder slopes of Gulmarg, Kashmir, through to surfing in Goa and riding a Royal Enfield 500cc into the wide open spaces around Rajasthan! I’m looking forward to visiting as much of India as possible and writing about my experiences, including recommending restaurants, hotels and activities with an adventurous edge – including myth-busting the dangers of eating street food ,” stated Rhodes.

An experienced traveller, Rhodes will also go global in terms of his topic areas yet as he spends almost four months a year in India, and just under six months a year in South Africa, he is looking forward to covering as many as possible of the incredible experiences that India offers to travelers as well as the awesome experiences of his home country.

You can subscribe to Cricket Lifestyle on www.cricketlifestyle.com


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