Hundreds attended candle light vigil to mourn Manmeet’s death

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Manmeet Alisher

Words can’t express the pain, tears can’t explain the sorrow and debates can’t bring him again- the loss of the family members cannot be recovered, who lost one of the exceptional and beloved member- Manmeet Alisher.

It was the ill-fated day of October 28, 2016 , when Manmeet Alisher was burnt alive while he stopped his bus to pick up the passengers at Moorooka on Brisbane’s South side. The community has come forward and is trying to extend every possible help to the members of Manmeet Alisher’s family.

Manmeet’s brother is here in Sydney along with a family friend and will be flying with Manmeet’s body back to India tomorrow by Air India Flight to perform his last rites in his native village .

Large members of Australian community gathered today at Robin Thomas Reserve , 43 Hassall Street , Parramatta to pay tribute to Manmeet – an aspiring singer and a lively person who was killed brutally.

Hundreds of mourners attended the candle light vigil at the reserve and paid tribute to the innocent soul by lighting the candles. Expressing grief over the sad demise of this young boy, many community members spoke on the occasion and voiced their concerns .

Amanda Chadwick, Mayor of Parramatta (Administrator) while speaking on the occasion said, “ Tonight, we come together , shocked by the confusing tragedy that has occurred, with hearts throughout our communities breaking for the family and friends of Manmeet Alisher.”

“It is a sad loss to the Indian Australian Community, when a man beloved by his friends, family and neighbor, tragically passes.”

“A man , who by all accounts, loved nothing more than to connect with his neighbors, whether it be through his passion as a writer, actor or singer, performing at local events or sharing his talent on youtube.”

“I am also heartened by tonight’s gathering that so many have come together to find solace in one another, and to show respect for Manmeet,” Amanda added.

“I hope that, by caring for one another and coming together in this grieving process, you can honour his memory.” Geoff Lee- MP , Julie Owens-MP, Dr Yadu Singh ,Cr Gurdeep Singh , Rajeev Kumar from Indian Consulate , Amar Singh, Gurmeet Tuli , Guru Dha, Munir Mohammad, Rekha Rajvanshi, Lucky Singh and various other members of the community also expressed their grief.


Manmeet Alisher

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