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Monsuun Dance, a Sydney based Dance Company is all set to perform in Short+Sweet Bollywood, one of the  biggest ever Bollywood dance shows in Australia .

Indians have a particular space for Bollywood and cricket in their lives. There is no denying that cricket and Bollywood are two of the biggest passionately followed phenomena in India.Where Bollywood films provide a means for entertainment and escapism there only cricket offers a friendly rivalry and a healthy competition between these nations, just as we are now seeing through the World Cup cricket right here in Australia.

Bollywood films are a colourful medley of themes such as East meets west, modern versus tradition, culture and Religion versus progress and technology; just to name a few and so Bollywood Dance is a melting pot of dance styles.

Monsuun dancers will take you on a tour of India through the physical medium of dance and music, starting right here at the Sydney Cricket Ground! The audience will experience the highly energetic form of Punjabi folk dance called Bhangra, and the Gujarati folk dance Dandiya Raas, using the rhythms and percussion of choreographed dance with sticks.

A modern versus traditional dance-off showcases the classical Indian dance movements of Bharatanatyam from South India contrasted with the funky movements of modern Jazz. The piece transcends further towards Modern Bollywood grooves as seen in Mumbai in the heart of the Bollywood film industry, where Western influence of Funk and Jazz choreography seamlessly blends with Eastern styles of Indian neo-classical and Arabic Belly dance techniques.

Recently launched by Artistic Directors Dharsha Goonetilleke and Pradnya Dugal, Monsuun Dance brings together trained dancers of different styles to offer professional, colourful and vibrant Bollywood fusion dance entertainment.

By profession, Dharsha is a Financial Accountant and Pradnya is a Doctor.  Their passion for dance  brought them together  and they have been  dancing and training together for many years.

They officially launched Monsuun Dance in January 2015 to share their love of dance, through their professional choreography, performances and teaching.

Dharsha is a bundle of unstoppable energy, bringing her performance and choreography skills particularly in the modern Bollywood/Jazz/Funk styles. Pradnya  brings her 25 years’ experience in classical Bharatha Natyam dance to Monsuun performances and fusion choreography, and is embracing “Modern with Tradition”!

Pradnya is also a keen cricket fan, which explains the brain-child Cricket-Bollywood theme!  The other performers of Monsuun Dance include Ria Sharma, Dolly Soni, Nikita Bhatnagar and Nisha Bhatnagar.

“We specialise in many styles of dance such as modern Bollywood, Classical Indian dance, Jazz, Funk/Hip hop, and Indian folk styles such Bhangra and Garba,” says Dharsha Goonetilleke.

“Monsuun ultimately hopes to highlight the very essence of Indian dance forms – telling a story through music, expression and movement”, she adds.


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