Holi has tremendous cultural significance says Michelle

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While speaking about the relevance of Holi in Parliament Michelle said, “Today thousands of Australians of Hindu, Subcontinent and South Asian heritage are celebrating Holi—the festival of colours”.

“Holi signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring. It is primarily celebrated in India, Nepal and other regions of the world with large Hindu populations but in recent times has spread across parts of Europe, North America and Australia”, she said.

Further explaining about the festival she said, “Holi is celebrated in two parts: first, the burning of Holika, afire signifying the victory of good over evil; second, the next morning, is the fun of singing, dancing, playing and applying colour to one another with dye and water”.

“Apart from its deep religious significance, Holi has tremendous cultural significance. Socially, Holi is an icebreaker; any conservative and feudal societal structure breaks down for the day. Forgetting class ,caste, creed and gender, men and women go out to colour each other in a spirit of solidarity—often randomly and by surprise, but all in good humour. These festivities set the tone for happier times ahead and the arrival of spring”, she added.

“Holi is celebrated by Hindus and many other communities in Australia with great joy, and I know it will be thoroughly enjoyed by many residents in my electorate of Greenway, which kicked things off with a grand Holi program yesterday in The Ponds. I wish Happy Holi to all Hindus, and everyone celebrating today and this week”, she concluded.

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