‘Guruvanand Swami blesses and inspires Sydneysiders’

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Highly revered Indian spiritual leader, Guruvanand Swami visited Sydney, Australia to pray for peace and offered religious discourse on the topic ‘Journey of your  Soul’.

Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swami ji visited  Australia for the first time on the invitation of Rajeev Sharma CA, Managing Director at Sydney Accounting Professionals, Chartered Accountants and his wife Ritu Sharma, an Environmental Engineer .

He is a highly qualified person and holds a Master’s degree in Technology   from IIT – Kharagpur and is the only one Indian in addition to Swami Vivekanand who has  won  gold medal several times  at World Religious Conference.

Guruvanand Swami  has also done Masters in Sanskrit, Vedas, and Jyotish and  Ph.D. in Astrology. He was awarded the ‘Jyotish Murmagaya Award’ by the German Astrological Society.

Guruvanand Swami is known to use his divine energy to help those in distress and uplift the lives of millions of people in distress around the globe. He is said to have a unique capacity to impart  deep spiritual messages in the language of common masses.

So far, Guruvanand Swami has travelled over 175 countries to deliver the message of awareness, self-realization, humanity and peace.

He is commonly referred to as Gurudev among his people. Swami ji had three discourses in Sydney.  First discourse was held  at the residence of Rajeev Sharma at Strathfield were some prominent persons of Sydney were invited so that they can closely interact and experience Gurudev and spread his message in the society.

Then  Swami Ji made a public appearance at Ram Krishan Temple located at Austral (close of Liverpool). The temple was full to its sitting capacity and even the people were sitting on floor to listen to his discourse .

After that, he made another public appearance at Sri Venkateshwara Temple at Helensburg where   more than 400 people attended the discourse.

Sharon Bird, Federal Member for Cunningham also attended the discourse and  read the message of Opposition Leader Hon. Bill Shorten.

“We are honoured to host Gurudev as he  is a highly evolved spiritual master imbued with tremendous power and is a unique and divine gift to humanity in this modern age of spiritual turmoil and tussle,” Rajeev Sharma and Ritu Sharma jointly said.

Gurudev is based close to Triupati at The Brahmrishi Ashram which is endowed with beauty, tranquility and peace.

For the devotees, Sri Brahmrishi Ashram is the sacred place where the beloved Gurudev and his Spiritual Power reside that permeate the mind and soul of devotees.



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