Gurudwara vandalized in Perth , painted with anti-Islamic slurs

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Australia always boosts of multiculturalism, but infrequent incidences of racial attacks fetch to the headlines every now and then and put a question mark on the integration of different ethnic and cultural groups in Australia.

There is no particular reason for these racial attacks and not only one community in particular is sufferer, but for many minorities there is nothing shocking about bigotry and humiliation in public.

Recently the Sikh temple, which has been under construction in Bennett Springs, Perth   was vandalised by two offenders who sprayed the temple and painted the walls with obscene messages and anti-Islamic slurs. The graffiti included swear words and offensive messages including “go home”, “Arab f..ks” and “Aussie pride”.

Such incidences always raise criticism, but there is no end result.  This is what the Indian community leaders have to say about this incidence


Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney Cardiologist and President, Indian Australian Association of NSW Inc

“I am concerned about recent graffiti attack on a Gurdwara in Perth. The words used in the graffiti are offensive and unacceptable”.

“It appears that these two girls who wrote their Graffiti at 1.30 AM are totally ignorant about Sikhism. Sikhism is a great religion. It is a welcoming religion too, and its places of worship are open to anyone irrespective of their religion, race and gender. Free kitchens (Langar), which Gurdwaras run from their premises, are open 24/7 seven days a week, serving anyone who goes there. Service of this kind is something which is unmatchable.

It appears that these ignorant girls, without knowing the difference between Sikhism and Islam, were targeting Arabic and Muslim community, which, again, is wrong. Australia is a multicultural country and people or their places of worship do not need to be attacked and targeted because of their race, colour and religion.

I want West Australian Police to identify these girls and deal with them as per the relevant law with the purpose to stop such attacks. It appears that these girls need to do some catching up on their knowledge of various religions and multiculturalism.

Bhupinder Chhibber, GOPIO President

It was disappointing that the temple was targeted. All Sikhs, wherever in the world they have settled, they are very faithful to the country where they settle

These people are lowlife uneducated lot. I am not a Sikh, but hurting  sentiments of any religion shouldn’t be tolerated in Australia.

So much ignorance, an act of graffiti and vandalism, how can this be called “Aussie pride”?  This cannot be pride of any civilised society.


Harish Velji , Community leader

Australia is a multicultural country. We are trying to move forward in multiculturalism but recent vandalism of the Gurudwara in Perth takes us one step backwards. It would not be acceptable if this was done on a mosque but it shows the calibre of the people that are doing this graffiti.

I believe it’s insulting to the Australian community and the people

It is not about differentiating between the two religions. It’s about being tolerant to all the religions. No religion needs to have their religious place of worship desecrated. We are all Australian first.

This type of intolerance happens when the politicians or other people who decide that they need to push this barrow for their own agenda. Also media needs to show constrain.

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