‘GOPIO’s Heritage India Festival – a great success; declared as an annual event’

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Heritage India Festival 2014, as the event was named, fully justified its meaning. It was an out of the routine event, where the rich heritage of Indian culture was showcased through different regional dancers, folk songs and performances.

The festival was a totally new concept. Where most of the Indian functions end up in Bollywood dances and performances, this festival was an opportunity for various dancers and singers to showcase their actual culture.

In its debut event, GOPIO  Sydney introduced this concept for the first time in Australia by organising ‘Heritage India Festival’ on September 7 , 2014 at Bahai centre, Silverwater to showcase the various cultural art forms and representing as many India states as possible. It will be an annual event of GOPIO’S henceforth.

With good teamwork and concerted efforts GOPIO Sydney got overwhelming accolades for this event from all sections of the society.

The event was exclusively based on and sourced from the talent available locally in abundance and provided them with a brand new platform to showcase their talent. This wills which the younger generation to remain in tune with true Indian Ethos.

The various highlights of the festival were Rajasthani dance, Haryanvi dance, Kathak, Marathi and  Lavani dances  which were choreographed and managed by Madhvi Mohindra; Kuchipudi – Marakatha (Krishna Piece) by Shobhana Kambhammetta; Maithili (combination of Garba, Dandiya and Saurashtra) dance and Bharatha Natyam by Savitri Naidoo; Vaadya Salangai (group dance by Dhamayanthy Balaraju – Rajendran and her students; Bhangra by Rooh Punjab Dee Sydney etc.

Individual vocal performances by Vinod Kumar Rajput, Jasmine Gill, Seema Bhardwaj, Shobha Ingleshwar, Manpreet Kaur  and Riaz Shah were much appreciated by the audience. The show was beautifully anchored by Mona Grover , Sukhpreet, Rajpal Sandhu and Rekha Rajvanshi.

Many distinguished personalities including community leaders, local councillors, Deputy Mayor, members of NSW Parliament, Parliamentary Secretary, Leader of Opposition in NSW Parliament and representative of Consul General of India attended the festival.

Bhupinder Chhiber, President, GOPIO Sydney on behalf of the entire GOPIO team thanked the valued sponsors, artists, volunteers, the dignitaries, who graced the occasion and the entire audience for their support for making the event successful and a pleasured experience. Heritage India festival by GOPIO ended on a positive note and the organisers were very happy with the response from the general public.

GOPIO's Heritage India Festival

GOPIO Heritage India Festival

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