GOPIO Sydney presented ‘Heritage India’ event successfully

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Taking ahead the Indian legacy, GOPIO Sydney successfully organised Heritage India -2015 event at Bowman Hall on December 5, 2015.

Bhupinder Chibber, President GOPIO Sydney initiated Heritage India project in 2014 with the idea to showcase he rich cultural heritage of the great nation, India.

With this concept in mind, he conceived Heritage India event where only classical and regional folk dances will be presented and launched the show last year on September 7 with an aplomb.

This year the show was presented on December 5 and along with classical and regional folk dance forms, Puppet show and Jugalbandi of Sitar and Tabla were the other highlights.

Vice Consul Arindam Banerjee was the Chief Guest and Bhupinder Chhibber; President GOPIO Sydney presided over the event.

The show started  with the traditional lighting of lamps by Arindam Banerjee, Vice Consul, Bhupinder Chhibber – President GOPIO Sydney,  Savitri Naidu and Dr. Kanan Shah –  the cultural coordinator. This was followed by  Ganesh Vandana.

This year Bharatnatyam (Tamilnadu),Kathak , Kuchipudi,(Andhra Pradesh) Garba(Gujrat), Rajasthani, Lavani,(Maharashtra) Bihu (Assam),Gidha (Punjab),and Bhangra were presented.

The star performance of the show was Jugalbandi of Sitar and Tabla between two accomplished performers of Sydney.

Another highlight of the show was Puppet or Kathputli (Rajasthan) show an art form where the whole story or song or a concept is  presented through the puppets.

The event was a  great hit and the best part of the event was that all the performers were local performers and volunteered their services with no charge.


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