Father’s Day: A tribute to fathers

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A father an inspirer, a teacher and a provider. He is someone who   holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed and has faith in you when you fall.

The role of father now has evolved much beyond the traditional role where he was only a provider. Modern fathers share equal responsibilities with mothers in upbringing their children.

This is what Australia based Indian father-son / daughter duos have to say about this eternal bond …

Vikrant Kishore , Lecturer in Communication & Media Production at The University of Newcastle, Australia and Director at Cine Nirvana productions

Vikrant Kishore with his daughter Pariza

Vikrant Kishore with his daughter Pariza

Finally this year on Father’s day I will actually not only look forward to remember my own father, but will celebrate being a father as well!!

I have always held my father with great respect, awe, admiration, reverence and of course love… but missed the opportunities to convey these feelings mostly, but probably father’s day was the day when I did reach out to him.

At the moment, as a new father I have this strange feeling of never-ending love and bonding with my seven months old daughter Pariza Mira… and I hope each year I will be able to celebrate this day along with my daughter in the most loving way.  For me it will be my daughter’s day!

Though, of course I don’t mind being the cynosure on this day! This father’s day will be all about giving cuddles and lots of love to my baby; her smiles, laughter, that twinkle in her eyes…. and the way she gurgles in excitement to see me.


Tom Richards, Best director of Short+Sweet 2014

Tom Richards with his children

Tom Richards with his children


What do  you think is the role of the father in the society?

To be there to offer support, love and guide.

Definition of modern day’s father in your words? 

An ordinary human being trying to  do their best.

What is the role of modern day fathers in upbringing children ? 

Giving support and helping his children appreciate the greater values of life.

What is the best thing you enjoy raising your children? 

The joys of watching them grow and discover life and all its offerings

What do you feel is the difference in the relation  between father and  children in modern times as compared to the relation in past times? 

Due to technology children are more open to what is happening in the world

What habits/qualities you like best about your child/children? 

Loving, helpful, being grateful, and always trying to be positive in whatever they do.


Children :

What do you like best about your father? 

Caring, supportive, being grateful of the good he receives .

What is the best moment you have had with your father ?

When he teaches us to drive

 Do you have any special plans for this Father’s Day ?

Making dad an apple pie. He loves them.

Bhupinder Chhibber , President Global Organisation Of People Of Indian Origin Inc.

Bhupinder Chhibber with his sons

Bhupinder Chhibber with his sons

The traditional image of the father is one of lawgiver, moral arbiter, disciplinarian and CEO of home economy. Historically, dads have had a good understanding of needing to be a provider,  but today’s dad understands that it is  not enough. You must provide, but also nurture and guide. That heart-to-heart connection is crucial.

I enjoy each and every moment I spent with my children, whether playing together, site seeing or helping them in studies or in sports.

I wish my children should grow up  as  kind and helpful human beings and good and valuable citizens.

Whereas his sons opine that their father is their biggest support.

“He has always been very helpful and has always been there with us when we required him, no matter how busy he was”.

“Playing with father has always been our best moments since our childhood. For us, everyday is devoted to our father and  everyday is a special day for being with him”.

Arvind Pathania with his daughter Eshna

Arvind Pathania with his daughter Eshna


Arvind Pathania –Father

Fathers are now moreover like friends. Man’s most important role is being a father.  Besides being a friend, a father  an advisor , a teacher , a helper  and a role model for his kids.

In the ancient times, the father’s were having a fixed set of duties but now fathers help in every possible way in upbringing their kids.

I am always there for my daughter whenever she needs me.


Eshna Pathania- Daughter

I always enjoy the company of my dad very much.  Both of us usually spend our leisure time together.

First of all, a very Happy Father’s day to my dad!

Dad, I love you and hope you enjoyed this special day. I hope you enjoyed your Father’s day gift and special breakfast in your bed.

Wish you all the very best dad and I want to thank you for being so supportive and loving.



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