‘Elections brought me closer to the community’: Reena Jethi

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Reena Jethi, a resident of Baulkam Hills was a part of the NSW Baird Liberal team in the  recently  held  state elections.


Born in New Delhi, Jethi is a school teacher who migrated to Australia 15 years back. She has a strong desire to serve the people of New South Wales and contested the state elections as a member of Liberal party .

Sharing her election experience with  ‘Public Telegraph’ , Reena said that 2015 State elections  have given her a greater understanding of what needs to be done in next four years before the 2019 election.

“The 2015 State Election brought me closer to the community. As I travelled around Western Sydney, it was clear that people wanted someone to explain things to them in a simple manner,” said Reena.

“ The 2015 election was a clear choice, with the Liberal Party the only party that would invest in health, infrastructure, education, transport, and supporting the vulnerable by hiring more police,” she added.

Reena was overwhelmed with the response form the  community people  and said, “The response right across the community was extremely positive and supportive. As a working mum, I understood the issues faced by women trying to balance professional and family life commitments. The Australian Indian Community highly regarded and supported my venture and backed me in every possible way.”

“I am honoured by the receptive, progressive and encouraging attitude of the community at large. The Liberal Party extended enormous support and encouragement throughout the campaign, and after as well.”

She said that the  people  from sub-continent have  wide and endless scope in Australian politics.

Supporting her view she added ,“Australia is a land of opportunity. There is nothing stopping an individual from exploring their options in any profession of their choice, politics being one of them. The majority of migrants from the India are skilled professionals, positively contributing to the Australian economy. I am a beneficiary of John Howard’s skilled migration program. I have successfully worked in a variety of professions, including my main vocation of teaching. Australians appreciate people who are compassionate, reliable and hardworking.”

About the  representation  form the sub-continent community in the Australian politics,  Reena said, “The sub-continent community has a set mindset about politics as not being a mainstream profession or vocation. It is a social and a cultural bent where their main focus has been on professions such as law, medicine, research, finance and real estate, to name but a few. Politics is a fine balance between community service and occupation, where community is priority. I can understand the representation is not in the Parliament at this point, but that will change in the near future as more of our community based representatives step up into Parliamentary roles.”

She said that the youth from the sub-continent community should join the Young Liberals to make a difference to our society.

“To excel in any area one needs to start early from the grass roots level to ensure a solid learning path.   It is imperative that they have their commitment towards the betterment and welfare of the community.”




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