‘Dream Girl Australia’ 2015 – Finals scheduled for May 16

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Are you a passionate modern girl who besides having knowledge about her surrounding is well aware of her culture too, ‘Dream Girl Australia’  is for you.

‘Dream Girl Australia’ is a platform where girls from different cultural backgrounds get an opportunity to showcase their talent and reach out to an audience from diverse cultures.

The main aim of this beauty pageant is to embrace the Australian culture , as well as other cultures involved to show the best of both the worlds.

Dream Girl Australia looks for all those beautiful girls who deserve to be honored and celebrated for all the good attributes they carry and thus be able to become role models in our culturally diverse society.

It is a platform for all those who wish to showcase their talent and potential. Besides this, it also gives them an opportunity to learn and work with girls from different backgrounds and culture.

Dream Girl Australia promises a very grand and challenging competition among girls from different communities including Indians, Bangladeshis Fijians , Italians, and Vietnamese  to name a few.

This Australia’s exclusive multicultural talent quest was presented for the first time 2010 and   now has become an annual event.

After a very successful, much appreciated and talked about event in 2014, where the winners went to a fully sponsored trip to Bollywood, Dream Girl Australia is back in 2015.

This year the winner will get a return ticket to India and a chance to act in a movie/music video.

This is an event not to be missed as it boosts and fortifies Australia’s multicultural fabric. The finals are taking place on the  May 16 , 2015 at the C3 , Silverwater.



Dream Girl Australia 2015 , Beauty Pageant

Dream Girl Australia 2015 , Beauty Pageant


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