Don’t miss ‘Bollywood Tadka’ in Short+Sweet week 7

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As the Short+ Sweet festival is heading towards its final stages, it is becoming more competitive and interesting.  With so many artists bringing on stage the vivid subjects and stories through their plays, the competition is getting tougher.

Many of the finalists have already been locked in for the Gala Awards Final at the Seymour Centre York Theatre on Friday 21 March at 7pm. And the first ever Short+Sweet Variety Gala follows on Saturday 22 March at the same venue – showcasing the best 4 plays, 4 dance and 4 cabaret pieces from the combined recent festivals.

Week 7 will feature an Indian play about a park bench conversation that exposes a dark secret, foot fetishes, the symbiotic relationship between an astronaut and his pet pig, neighbourhood fence politics, a powerful indigenous story about crime and punishment, online dating and an amazing interactive theatre piece also set in outer space!

The Top 80 program this week includes Bengali writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s intriguing two-hander  ‘One Two’, starring local Australian Bengalis Asim Das and Surja Gupta . Das himself directs this piece about two apparent strangers whose relationship begins to veer towards a dark secret – that is about to be exposed.

‘100 years of Indian Cinema in 10 minutes’ is presented by local Indian- Australian Abhinay School Performing Arts, conceptualized and directed by Aishveryaa Nidhi with choreography and dances by Prafulla Parida and Prabhati Banerjee with Ahsan King K, Path, Preet Singh, Yashvi Shah, Neisha Sahu, Arsh Deep Kohli, Tina Mandal and Pooja Galhotra.

‘A Feet Fetish’ by Melbourne writer Adele Shelleyportrays an unnerving trip to the podiatrist and is based on real event.  Angela Blake directs Ali Crew and Michael O’Grady.  It is presented by Lady Penhryn Theatre Co which brought us last year’s wildcards winner ‘Weeing on a Stick’.

Phillip Gallop directs and acts in his own play ‘Miss Piggleton’s Earache’ which co-stars Roslyn Hicks in the title role. An astronaut struggles to come to terms with the fact that the strange symbiotic relationship he has with his pet pig may have massive consequences for life on Earth as we know it.

‘The Sound of Your Own Voice’ by Rhys Cohen is a revealing conversation between two high-school boys on a bedroom balcony. Bendeguz Daniel Devenyi-Botosa directs Patrick Richards and Michael Brindley (Equus).

In the Wildcards, David Stocker features in his own play ‘Border Control’ co-starring fellow NSW south coast thespian Liz Brennan. The play scooped the pool at Short+Sweet Merimbula, winning best script, best actress and People’s Choice awards.

‘Agenda Item 7(a)’ by Carolyn Eccles is presented by the Emergency Crash Landing group – an interactive experience that combines performance, video and role-play in a ‘choose your own adventure’ style of theatre. Director Jane Grimley and performers Sarah Aghazarmian, Gideon Payten Griffiths and Stephen Jones have dug deep under the story of two astronauts breaking free and forging a future.

‘To Protect’ is inner west writer Lyn Chick’s powerful piece about an Indigenous woman brought into questioning over the spearing of an elder. Chick directs Margareta Moira and Ebony Halliday with original music by Daniel Chick and Danielle Barry.

Colleen Henry likewise directs her own play ‘PassionLine’, a hilarious piece about internet dating that starts with one man bragging about his experiences… then receiving an offer he can’t refuse.


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