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Father’s Day – a day dedicated to the father’s,  provides an opportunity to take time off to appreciate the one person in our life who is always taken for granted.

“Father’s Day is generally celebrated to celebrate the fatherhood, the parental bonds and the influence of the fathers in society. Father is the provider and supports his family in all possible ways and loves them unconditionally.

Here is what Ridwan Hassim and his daughters Yasmeena and Leyla have to say about this beautiful relation…..

Ridwan Hassim

What do you think is the role of the father in the society?

A Father is a leader, an inspirer, a teacher and a provider. The role of a father is to be a positive role model for his children, to lead by example, to protect his progeny and to guide his children from his experiences and wisdom.

Definition of modern day’s father in your words?

Modern day Fathers are both providers and carers, western society has evolved beyond the traditional Mother as carer and Father as provider role, with both Mothers and Fathers sharing the responsibilities equally.

This is evidenced in Australia by the popularity of the television show ‘House Husbands’.

What is the role of modern day fathers in upbringing children?

The modern day Father role is to be hands on, no longer do the traditional structures exist where the Father is often seen, but never heard.

A great father spends quality time with their children, whether the child is biologically theirs or adopted, or through marriage, the role of the father is to weave the magical moments for his children. It is going that extra mile, knowing who they are, being their friend, someone they can talk to when they have problems, someone they know will always be there for them.

If you know they admire a particular artist, goes the extra mile to arrange a meet and greet, it will create that unforgettable moment for them. Take them to new places, new positive experiences, but at the same time guide them away from any negative influences, not by force, but outlining the positives and negatives and trusting that they will make the right decision.

A father needs to create magic in their child’s life: to inspire, lead, provide, care for and guide their child.

What is the best thing you enjoy raising your children?

I love learning from them, they are so much smarter than I am. My eldest daughter Yasmeena, who just turned 11 in mid June this year, read the ‘Divergent’ novel series in 4 days. 1200 pages. She gave me the books to read. Even though I am a storyteller, 4 weeks later I have only read 117 pages of ‘Divergent.

My youngest daughter Leyla is incredibly gifted with art; she sees things, shapes and designs in a way that is incredulous. Their Mother is a prolific reader and painter. It touches one when you see the talent that you have passed onto them. Yasmeena has written 2500 word story in 4 hours.

Leyla at the age of 7 wrote a 500 word children’s short story, ‘One Big Very Scary Alien’, I challenged her to write a 200 word story. I enjoy most playing with them, swimming, board games like Monopoly and Moviemaker and travelling with them on holidays as a single father.

I took them to the Elvis Festival in Parkes in 2010, and Yasmeena and I made a trip to Dubbo in January 2012 to visit the Zoo. We have also travelled to Melbourne together to the Indian Film Festival in 2013.

What do you feel is the difference in the relation between father and children in modern times as compared to the relation in past times?

Modern day Fathers are hands on, involved in every aspect of raising a child, in the past it was the mothers role to deal with the children, the Father’s sole responsibility was to be a financial provider.

What habits/qualities you like best about your child/children?

I love when they laugh. It reminds me that life is what you make of it. I love their curiosity, as adults we become jaded and forget to appreciate every new discovery, we take things for granted.

My children are always excited for any experience; even taking a train to the city is an adventure.

Ridwan Hassim with daughter Yasmeena at Dubbo Zoo

Ridwan Hassim with daughter Yasmeena at Dubbo Zoo

Yasmeena and Leyla

What do you like best about your father?

Daddy is always fun to be around, acts like a kid but also is a Father. He is cool to hang around. He is like a best friend but at times he acts like a normal Daddy and says no to things we want to do. He makes us laugh.

What is the best moment you have had with your father?

Playing acting and dress up. And playing Mr Wolf at the park with ‘Daddy’ or soccer. And when Daddy goes swimming with us but he worries too much about his big belly, so that does not happen much. It is fun when it does, he throws us in the air and we land in the water and he plays shark, where he pretends to be the shark and we need to swim away.

Do you have any special plans for this Father’s Day?

Spending the day with ‘Daddy’, grandpa and grandma. May have a BBQ or go to the cinema.

Ridwan Hassim and daughter Leyla

Ridwan Hassim and daughter Leyla

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