Confluence: A Festival of India in Australia announced for 2017

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Australia’s largest cultural festival, Confluence: A Festival of India in Australia is set to return in September 2017 after a remarkable inaugural year in 2016.

Amassing a total footfall of 91,500 attendees spanning across seven cities last year, Confluence featured over 162 performers who sold out 31 different shows.

Confluence  is recognition and celebration of India and Australia’s rapidly advancing bilateral relationship. It represents a meeting point, one that sees the convergence of ideas, arts, cultures, and civilizations. The festival is focused on highlighting this incredible tie through artistic demonstration, and the convergence of Indian and Australian artistry in a way that has never been seen before, one which provides attendees with truly unforgettable experiences. The transnational significance of the festival was praised by both Prime Ministers.

“Confluence, incorporating the dynamism and vitality of the Indian subcontinent, manifesting in its science and technology, trade & commerce, education and sports, would attempt to merge the Australian aesthetics with the Indian cultural efflorescence in Australia and I am sure, leave a deep imprint on the audience here. I hope the spirit of the Festival will transcend into the vital people-to-people bonds of trust and faith, which underwrite the growing interaction between Australia and India,”  Dr. A.M Gondane, High Commissioner of India in Australia, said while speaking about the imminent Festival.

‘After an immensely successful inaugural edition in 2016, we’re delighted to bring back Confluence presenting the finest of contemporary and traditional, visual and performing arts and artistes from India in an enduring cultural collaboration with Australian artistes. We’re fortunate to have on board talented performers, excellent partners and iconic venues that will make 2017 another unforgettable year,’ commented Ankur Bhardwaj, Director – International Festivals at Teamwork Arts.

“Given the success of last year’s Confluence in celebrating our two countries and showcasing engaging cultural experiences, I’m very excited about this year’s program of events and sharing them with our audiences again this year, “ Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director, ABC

Attendees of Confluence 2017 can thus expect to see a unique spirit of Indo-Australian intercultural collaboration that intertwines the distinctiveness each culture seamlessly into a symmetric whole. Confluence will bring alive the essence of India in Australia with a diverse range of performances and shows effectively straddling the classical and the contemporary from dance, music, theatre, cinema to literature and puppetry, evocative of India’s folk and ancient artistic traditions, and presented by renowned stalwarts.

This year, Confluence will travel to seven cities, including Brisbane, Bundaberg, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville over four weeks. Kicking off in Perth on 23rd September is the immensely popular “Bollywood Dance Workshop” by the Shiamak Dawar Bollywood School Australia that are behind the choreography of some major Bollywood films. SHIAMAK holds Guinness World Record of teaching the largest Bollywood Dance Class in Melbourne with 1325 Dancers, they will be spreading infectious and irrepressible energy.

Headlining the Festival in a scintillating concerto grosso, internationally acclaimed orchestral composer, Dr. L. Subramaniam, will weave magic along with one of India’s most celebrated vocalists Kavita Krishnamurti. Audiences at the Confluence Festival Gala 2017 can expect to see Dr. Subramaniam’s present the art of Carnatic music, which has one of the most sophisticated melodic and rhythmic structures in the world, in his intense three-part recital at Confluence.

For those with a passion for dance check out ‘ANSH’ by The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble Choreographed by Surupa Sen and Performed by Bijayani Satpathy. Globally acclaimed as one of India’s premier dance companies, the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble will showcase the magic of Indian classical dance through a virtuoso dance performance.

For admirers of film, Confluence audiences will see a diverse and intriguing cinema programme, an Indian film screening in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, featuring the ground breaking and discussion inspiring film Lipstick Under My Burka. The film component will extend out to Bundaberg showcasing two acclaimed films Mary Kom and Lion.

Also commemorating India’s seventy transformational years as an independent country as well as its visionary “Father of the Nation” – Mahatma Gandhi, the Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust, led by Dadi D. Pudumjee, will present Images of Truth, breaking boundaries of conventional puppetry in a mesmerizing, non-verbal musical adaptation of Gandhiji’s principles of truth and non-violence.

The Confluence 2017 juggernaut will resonate with the warmth of the arts, friendship, joy and hope whilst featuring a brand-new line-up that will deliver an entirely new experience.

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