Children’s Festival 2020 stopped by COVID-19

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The annual Children’s Festival in Bankstown, now its 22ndyear, which was set down for Sunday November 1st has been cancelled.

Founding President of the Children’s Festival Organisation, Mr Thuat Nguyen OAM, announced the decision today.

“The worsening situation with the pandemic and the Public Health Restrictions on Gathering and Movement leave us with no alternative but to cancel this year’s Canterbury-Bankstown Children’s Festival and look forward to a festival in the City of Sydney at Tumbalong Park in late March 2021, on the occasion of Harmony Day.

“Our decision is also in line with a decision of Canterbury-Bankstown Council to put all community festivals on hold due to the Covid 19 crisis.

“Naturally, it was a very difficult and painful decision to make, knowing how much the children look forward to this event and the amount of effort they put in to prepare for their performances.

“We have already had to cancel a festival planned for First Fleet Park, Sydney, in April and the Macarthur Festival planned for this month”, he said.

The Canterbury-Bankstown Children’s Festival attracts thousands of people and features singing, dancing, music and martial arts presented by around 30 groups from children’s performing groups, school communities and youth groups from different cultural backgrounds including Aboriginal Australians.

It also reflects the multicultural society, as most of the children wear their traditional costumes while performing and marching in the grand parade.

“This is all about our children, the leaders of tomorrow, demonstrating their appreciation and respect for the diversity of our multicultural society.

“This festival sends a vibrant message to the adult population of Australia that whilst we all have different cultural backgrounds, we all are part of one nation where racism and discrimination have no place”,  Nguyen said.


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