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When a bunch of wonderful women get together, they say magic happens. That’s exactly how magical it was on the sunny Sunday morning of Apr 22, in the sleepy South Sydney. It was a fun filled morning- new skills were learnt, new friendships forged and new homepreneurs born.

Eleven beautiful women and young girls joined hands to raise funds for little Sayuri Ram, whose parents are in need of community support and funds for her medical expenses. The event was organized by South Sydney Indian Association, a registered not for profit association.

Every guest made up to 3 pairs of earrings and  up to 2 sets of neckwear.  Guests included Shweta Doke with her two boys, Madhurani Khanna, Swati Tanna, Dr.Arpita, Bhakti Garia along with her little daughter, Yogamaya Patel  and  the young girls Shivani, Varsha, Phoebe and Emily.

The venue was the beautiful Oliver Brown Café Miranda and the space was generously sponsored by Jagrati Lalchandani. Cuppas of mocha and  latte flowed freely while the excited guests strung lovely jewellery and flaunted them with great pride.

The initiative was ideated by Ramya Badrinath , a bead artist who designs beaded jewellery and has been successfully showcasing her creations via her jewellery brand, since 2013. Her seed idea is to serve the community using her skills rather than make donations.

Her mission is to teach basic beading techniques to atleast a 100 women and young children this year, helping them not only learn a new skill but also providing them impetus to become successful hobbypreneurs and entrepreneurs. All materials and tools were supplied by Ramya.

Want to organise a fundraiser : Get together 10 guests who are keen to learn, arrange a venue , get some date (weekends only) options and then email Ramya at or send her an enquiry through

*Sayuri Ram is diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa. She is 3 years old. Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a very rare genetic skin disorder which causes the layers of the skin to separate causing painful blisters and at times tear off completely even with the slightest of trauma. They are currently enrolled for a trial program in Kogarah (Sydney, NSW) which is sponsored by an American company.

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